New fun with a silicone friend

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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New fun with a silicone friend

Post by Backdoorlover » Wed Jul 10, 2024 3:03 am

A while back we went to a sexshop and bough a suction dildo, same thickness as my cock but few cms longer.

This because my girlfriend remembered times that her ex assfucked her with something in her pussy and she loved it. We already did try that with her plugs and other things, but it didn’t feel right because they’re too sturdy.

So on vacation we introduced or new toy into our sexlife.

First thing I did was shoving the dildo up her asshole and fuck her with it. It was supurb, she moaned like it was my cock. Meanwhile, she was on her belly, I rubbed her clit gently. I love assfucking her with the dildo. It gives me a great perspective and an amazing view.

After some time I switched the dildo from her ass to her pussy, shoved it in balles deep (it has balls) and then shoved my cock up her her - now already very sensitive - asshole. Being filled in two holes gave her a great feeling. Her moaning was so intense and sexy, that I didn’t last longer then 3 minutes before I had a very huge orgasm in her sweet asshole.

I couldn’t move afterwards, for like a minute or so, because my orgasm was so intens I lost muscle control right after. Then I was able to pull out and lay on my back next to her, saying how intense this was. She licked the leftover sperm from my cock and sucked it a little. Then said she absolutely loved this experience.

After some resting and talking, I told her to go lay on her back, legs open, and shoved the dildo into her still horny asshole. I didn’t give her enough time before to enjoy the fuck. While assfucking her, I gently suckled on her clit and could immidiatly feel how she picked up from the assfuck.

It took her only a few minutes to build up her pleasure till she orgasmed really intense too. We felt it was one of our best sex sessions ever.

Yesterday we did dubbel penetration again in missionary, dildo in her pussy, cock up her ass of course. Everytime I trusted into her asshole, I pushed the dildo into her pussy, giving her a real sense of being double fucked. She rubbed her clit right untill before her orgasm and then just pulled her hand off to let the double penetration do it’s work, resulting an a suble looking, but very intense feeling orgasm. We loved it.

I told her when she is very horny and has a loose asshole from a long assfuck, I want to do double anal with the dildo and my cock, so she basically has my cock twice in her asshole. She smiled and clearly looks foreward to her first serious double anal fuck.

I would never even have thought of this without this forum and the amazing stories of others who try special things.
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Re: New fun with a silicone friend

Post by aNewFrivolity » Wed Jul 10, 2024 10:29 am

The fun you two have is truly an inspiration, thanks for sharing!

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