AO poetry

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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AO poetry

Post by French Lover » Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:38 am

Just found this, I thought I would share it :) The girl also write pretty exciting anal stories.

The Anal Alternative
here once was a girl named Britt,
Any size she’d always make fit
Friends thought her a nut, cause she loved in the butt,
Anal sex for her was legit.

Once she is in his bed
Before he inserts his head
He must take the tube and properly lube
For her ass to be properly bred

When it’s greased and ready to slide
Every inch does properly hide
No time to sleep, she takes it balls deep,
That skill, she beams with pride

At first she starts on her back
He lifts her legs for attack
Her insides are jarred, he thrusted so hard,
Balls violently slapping her crack

Strong orgasms, she did expect em
Never once having to correct him
From the cock that she took, she trembled and shook,
His meat buried deep in her rectum.

Her turn to ride his pole,
Another climax was her goal.
On it she trounced and straddled and bounced,
Stretching her ringed asshole.

A quick flip and now on all four,
Bed thumping against the floor,
His hands’ strong grips, while holding her hips,
And pumping her tight back door.

Oh God she started her howls,
Followed by his loud growls
He gasped, she clenched, was totally drenched
While completely filling her bowels.

They collapsed into a flesh mass,
Don’t you make fun or harass,
I haven’t the faintest, why she prefers in the anus
Now has all of her sex in the ass

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Re: AO poetry

Post by Pehart » Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:24 pm

What a great poem! I'm getting even more convinced that i need a girlfriend who loves anal (only???).

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