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Anal opens us up to new adventures

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 10:33 am
by aredeejay3001
I have a long detailed thread in Introductions that spells out how my wife and I have introduced anal play into our marriage over the last 18 months. We’ve crossed over into making anal a regular part of our sexual life and I couldn’t be happier.

We forged ahead with a number of firsts again the other night. Kiddos did a sleepover at Grandma’s, so we had a rare night to ourselves. The day before, my wife got her period and she lamented that we’d planned this kid free night. I of course, thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about whether she’d want to restrict ourselves to anal play for the evening.

Our home state has recently legalized marijuana, so we were taking this evening as an opportunity to explore that as well via some high quality chocolate edibles. We don’t smoke pot so it was fun to share in trying this together. It left us both feeling kind of heavy and we just kind of hung out, watched some TV together, before getting ready for some intimacy. I started by applying some massage oil to my wife’s nipples to give her some attention there. We’ve also been kissing/making out a lot more than we have in the past.

After some nipple play and kissing, I asked her to roll on to her side, so I could pull down the back of her sleep pants and underwear. I showed her how I now keep a little bag under my pillow with finger cots, anal lube and even an anal screw dildo. It’s thrilling to me that now our anal play is all out in the open and matter of fact. So I put on a finger cot and spread her cheeks and this time dripped the lube onto her anus. I held off on penetrating her, instead running circles around her anus as I spread the lube around.

Finally I inserted my finger and started kissing her neck, which drives her wild. She’s indicated she likes deep penetration more than in and out actions, so I concentrated on really going deep into her. I wound up rubbing up against a little spot that I could feel and she start moaning, saying how good it felt. I think this was the other side of her G-spot, as it was just on the other side of her vagina. I kept pressing that and rubbing it and she was going crazy. She kept moaning about how good it felt and she almost had an orgasm from this alone! I’ve just ordered her some new vibrators and she wants to do this again when she has them, so it’s great to see her enthusiasm for all of this.

I withdrew my finger for us to slow down a bit and moved to inserting the large anal screw into her ass. She wound up taking pretty much the whole thing but it wasn’t giving her the high she’d been getting from my finger. If you read my thread in Introductions, I talk about a failed escapade involving these screws, so it was nice to have her take it in her ass finally. We have two of them, so my hope is for us to us them on each other, simultaneously.

So finally it was time to actually have anal sex and asked my wife if she could lay on her back so we could do it missionary position. I put a finger cot on her and asked her to keep working her ass while I lubed up my cock. She said, “This is something I haven’t done before!” Watching her finger her own ass definitely helped me come to full erection. She took her finger out and I slid my cock into her ass. We fucked for a while and I finally exploded when she grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper into her.

We ended the evening with her masturbating with a vibrator while I talked dirty to her. She wanted me to tell her a fantasy so I told her one about me sitting in a chair while she knelt on the floor to suck me off. The fantasy culminates with her taking me in deep and swallowing me as I come and then she kisses me so I can taste the come in her mouth. This set her off into her own orgasmic explosion.

The next morning, as we prepped to go pick up the kiddos, she stopped me from getting dressed after I got out of the shower. She said she was feeling “naughty” and wanted me to sit on the bed. I did as I was told! She knelt down on the floor and proceeded to put the fantasy from the previous night into play, complete with full on swallowing of my ejaculation, something I don’t know if she’s ever done. And yes, she came up to kiss me, so we could swirl our tongues together.

I’ve been saying to myself that my wife and I are having our best sex in years but really I’m now realizing that this is the best we’ve been sexually EVER! In this month of May alone, we’ve had anal sex a number of times, I’ve had the best two blowjobs that I can remember and yes, I’ve fucked my wife in the pussy, as well. I don’t know if we’ll ever be going anal only, but for now anal has definitely opened up things for us across the board.

Re: Anal opens us up to new adventures

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:28 pm
by aredeejay3001
We just finished a mini-vacation in the sun with the kiddos: nice big unit with separate bedroom for us. Finally got the kids down to sleep early enough one night to have some time to play. Overall our collective libidos are completely amped up! My wife and I snuggled up in bed and starting deeply kissing. With no pretense, my hand went right to her ass, with my finger honing in on her anus. We continued deeply kissing as my wife was pulsing her ass open to take in my finger.

Some more new things for us: my wife has started shaving her pussy, not completely, but mostly around her labia. I’m going to get her a home waxing kit so she doesn’t have to shave. I had to reward her good behavior with some solid pussy licking. After our deep kissing post blowjob session of the previous week, I made sure to take breaks to deeply kiss her, so she could taste herself. I finally put on a finger cot, lubed it and snuggled up with her to get down to business.

I easily inserted my finger in her ass and started working what we’ve discovered is her new favorite spot, deep in her ass. With the same hand (and different finger), I fingered her pussy and worked her G-spot while we continued to kiss. Her ass was so loose and I really think I could have penetrated her without lube. It was wonderful and we were both just floating on the high. We worked her to what could have been an orgasm (?) My wife wasn’t sure but said it felt different with both her pussy and ass being worked -- and she said she loved it.

Again being sensitive to maybe her needing some down time, I asked what she wanted to do and she said “I’m just waiting for you fuck me.” I asked her how she wanted to be fucked and she repeated what’s now becoming magic words for us: “I want you to do whatever you want to do.” which we both know means getting ass fucked.

So the short of this story is I actually had difficulty penetrating her ass -- my erection just didn’t seem to have it going that night. We wound up trying lots of different positions and I loved the continued approaches that had me rubbing my cock against my wife’s asshole. On top of this, she was holding her cheeks open in a very submissive fashion. At one point, I had to stop to tongue her anus. In the past, she’s chided me for this as being non-hygienic, but she admitted this night that she likes when I do that and that it feels really good. We ended with me seated on the chair and my wife lowering her spread ass onto my cock. I didn’t last long and wound up ejaculating against her anus and ass. We both laughed with neither of us concerned about the lack of deep penetration.

She tried out her new vibrator and we again had some nice conversations about our suddenly robust sex lives. My wife said she really enjoyed having both her ass and pussy stimulated at the same time and said she wants to do a session with a dildo so both could be filled at the same time. She said, “You can decide where you put your cock” So I think we’ll be trying out some DP sessions soon.

We were too conked out the other nights to get down to business but my wife did surprise me when I was showering (and kiddos were watching TV) by locking the bathroom door and joining me -- again, something we haven’t done in years! We soaped each other up and eventually I sat down so she could straddle my face. Time was short, so I gave her a few minutes of pussy licking before instructing her to turn around so I could tongue her ass while playing with her pussy. I spread her asshole and got in really deep with my tongue and she was moaning loudly. I thought that was the end of it when I stood up but sure enough she dropped to her knees and gave me a rapid fire blowjob which ended with me spraying into her mouth.

I’m still giddy from all of this. Anal play is now a central part of our sexual identity and my wife is not only enjoying it, she’s embracing it fully. I love her so much.

Re: Anal opens us up to new adventures

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:17 am
by aredeejay3001
Haven’t posted in a while but wanted to share a nice experience from last night. My wife and I haven’t fooled around in a while (kids not in school so they keep us up late, wife has been sick with a bad cold, etc.) but last night we wound up snuggled together, awake for once! We started just rubbing our backs as we faced each other before bed time. My wife is on her period so in the past that would probably mean “hands off” but of course our shift to anal has wiped away any of that. As we touched each other, I moved my hands under her jammies and underwear so that my hand was fully grasping her ass cheek. I squeezed and pulsed my grip and drew my wife closer to me.

Knowing we both were tired and sensing her enjoyment of this moment, I shifted so that my finger moved to her anus. She moved to accommodate me. Now earlier this year, as we started to finally move into anal play, my wife would ask for me to wear a finger cot and then I would often take that opportunity to lube up. But she’s also expressed a desire to stay in the moment, so lately my anal probing has been without lube, without finger cot. And I’m able to achieve some penetration, so I believe she actually enjoys this. Another difference about last night was that usually our anal play has been when my wife is already turned on: when I’m kissing her neck hot spot or playing with her pussy or deep kissing. But this time she just seemed to want to focus on the anal penetration. We were facing each other, so I did move in to kiss her softly but there was no making out, it was just the quiet probing of her ass.

Eventually my wife said she had to shift, so she rolled onto her side, away from me -- our usual sleeping position. Without any pretense, I pulled down the back of her jammies and underwear to expose her ass. I also used this moment as an opportunity to do a quick squirt of lube from the new squirt bottle I keep bed side (saves me from having to fumble with tubes of lube.) I spread her cheeks and rubbed my lubed finger over her anus. Finally, I easily slid into her ass and snuggled up to her. I kissed her neck a bit but again I could sense this was not going to be a hot and heavy session, this was something different. I switched around fingers and even wound up using my other hand so as to snuggle up most closely to her before getting into a nice rhythm of finger fucking her ass.

This continued for a while -- just spooning and gentle, deep finger fucking. My wife seems to be getting a better sense of her own role in all of this and has been squeezing her ass when I finger or fuck her in the ass. I love that.

And then something exquisite happened -- my wife’s breathing deepened and slowed and soon enough she was asleep! I floated with her like this, sometimes still gently moving my finger inside her. Sometimes she woke up briefly and would squeeze her ass around my finger, at which point I would resume slowly finger fucking, but then she would drift off to sleep again. Finally after a while, she woke up and said she had to roll over again, so I slowly withdrew my finger, kissed her and then went to wash up. I returned to bed and we clasped hands as we both fell asleep.

I’m so happy that my wife can now be so comfortable and tender with our anal experiences that she can actually fall asleep while I’m fingering her ass. Of course, now I’m curious to see if this could happen while fucking her ass in the same position but frankly it’s a struggle for me to last with my cock in her ass as I’m beyond turned on by her. But that would be something.

Re: Anal opens us up to new adventures

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:49 pm
by Anal biscuit
Please keep on sharing your experiences. 👍🏻

Re: Anal opens us up to new adventures

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 5:59 pm
by hasani2222
I’m so happy that my wife can now be so comfortable and tender with our anal experiences that she can actually fall asleep while I’m fingering her ass. Of course, now I’m curious to see if this could happen while fucking her ass in the same position but frankly it’s a struggle for me to last with my cock in her ass as I’m beyond turned on by her. But that would be something.

You're getting there, man! If she can sleep with you fingering her, you can eventually get to that same point using your cock. It's not a such a problem in my opinion that you don't last long in her ass, but I'd suggest trying your best not to pull out. Just keep it anchored in there. After cumming, slow down and slide in and out ever so slowly - basically an anal massage. If you do that enough, her ass with learn to relax post orgasm and drift off to sleep. Meanwhile you keep your cock parked tight up her ass all night. Practice makes perfect!

Thanks for posting your awesome anal adventures. Fun to read.

Re: Anal opens us up to new adventures

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:45 am
by analsexonly
Apologies for never responding to this earlier, but I agree that I'd like to hear continuing updates—rest assured that I and others have been reading this even if not responding.

I agree it does sound like you're making excellent progress and her love for anal is increasing quite rapidly. Continuing to increase the frequency of anal play and sex at a pace you're both comfortable with is going to get her loving and craving it more and more.