Renewed Wedding Vows: Anal Only

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Renewed Wedding Vows: Anal Only

Post by TaurusAnal » Sat Nov 16, 2019 5:22 pm

My wife and I have been married for eight years, as of September. We had anal intercourse throughout our relationship, but we only began to reliably have anal sex starting around our fifth year. Since then, each year she has become more and more interested in an anal only lifestyle. I had brought it up to her during intercourse, and she said that she enjoyed the thought of it.

We have started maintaining an anal only lifestyle since two months ago. Leading up to this wonderful change in our relationship, we made the decision that should would not be allowed to orgasm outside of anal sex. It wasn't long before my wife abandoned her cunt in favor of anal sex, though she chooses to abstain from orgasms about half of the time, as she wants to ensure that she is focused on anal pleasure.

She has told me that she wants to maintain two different styles of anal only sex in our marriage. First, she wants to only orgasm when my cock is in her ass, and she wants to work toward being clit-free. Second, she wants to nourish an orgasm-free outlook regarding anal sex, so she often has me assfuck her without allowing her to touch her clit. Each time that we have clit-free anal sex, she becomes more and more aroused by it. We have not successfully had an anal only orgasm, but as she abstains from clitoral orgasms, I can tell that we are getting closer.

We have decided that she will use her glass plug, which is about the circumference of my cock, every other day. It has gotten to the point when she wears it without me bringing up the topic. She wears it about two hours every other day, and she continues to wear it for longer periods of time. This makes anal sex much easier, as the warm up period it the more serious hurdle regarding anal sex. She has a semi-permanent gape, and she proudly shows it to me in the evenings.

Last week, she surprised me by asking me if we could renew our wedding vows on our 10th anniversary to be anal only. This would be a private event with her girlfriends. I am looking forward to making our new wedding vows. We are taking active steps for her to be clit-free, and I feel that her first anal only orgasm will lead directly to total freedom from her cunt and clit. She has expressed interest in being an anal only doll, as she wants her pleasure to be derived from my own pleasure and whatever experiences she has with her ass during intercourse.

We have discussed a vaginal chastity belt, and I believe that she will be wearing one during our second wedding. This may not be permanent, but rather a symbol for her future. She has brought up the idea of passing out keys to her girlfriends for a ceremonial locking of her chastity belt. Though, she is relatively private and may decide against giving them the keys. Her maid of honor, on the other hand, has been our mutual friend for nearly two decades and has informed us that she would enjoy having the right to turn the key. My wife thinks that would be appropriate.

I urge everyone to continue to work toward maintaining an anal only lifestyle with their wife. Our goal is for her to be anal only and clit free, with the intention of helping her becoming able to achieve orgasms through anal stimulation alone. This will be an important step in our marriage. While I don't know what will come next, I am certain that she will be interested in moving forward.

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Re: Renewed Wedding Vows: Anal Only

Post by analsexonly » Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:21 pm

@TaurusAnal What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing!

It's very likely that as you continue with pure anal sex without clit stimulation, she'll start orgasming from anal. As you're finding, it can take some time to unlearn a clit-centric mentality, but by abstaining from it and focusing on pure anal pleasure, not only is it very enjoyable and well worth it on its own, it can also be a path to unlocking pure anal orgasms, and once you figure out how to do that, there's very little reason to return to clit stimulation at all.

I love the idea of an anal only renewal of vows, it's a great way to honor the idea and make it a true and special vow to each other, and it sounds like the whole idea of being anal only really resonates with her to want to celebrate it at that level. I've often thought that if I ever meet the right partner and adopt an anal only marriage, I'd like to have similar vows for each other to always be anal only.

I hope to hear more as you keep exploring this together!

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Re: Renewed Wedding Vows: Anal Only

Post by Lovelysubbie » Tue Jan 07, 2020 12:38 pm

Absolutely fabulous! #relationshipgoals
~lovelysubbie 🥀

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Re: Renewed Wedding Vows: Anal Only

Post by MeleLover9711 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:42 pm

I've dreamt of renewing vows with my wife as an anal only commitment. Our 10 year anniversary is in 2023. But our anal penetration has only recently begun to pick up steam. It has been slow going. The warm-up is never the issue, it has in fact been the gateway to anal penetration. She has only had 1 anal orgasm. It was our first anal only encounter. But she is mentally fixed on vaginal being primary. I am hoping anal orgasms can convince her otherwise (a 3 year effort). You are lucky to have a wife willing to drive into AO on faith. Mine would never abandon orgasms; the only way for us to become AO is orgasm replacement/upgrade. This path will take much longer. It doesn't help that she is kind of a germaphobe.

Anyway, I wish you and your wife the best in this new adventure!

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