Update on my journey

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Update on my journey

Post by PetGirl » Fri Feb 28, 2020 9:59 am

Hi everyone. I've been having more and more anal with my partner lately and he agreed to do a week of AO. It has been awesome and I'm going to ask him if we can try doing all of March! The last 2 times I didn't touch my clit at all (I'm also not allowed to touch my clit unless he says okay) and I experienced what I think was an anal orgasm both times. I felt intense pleasure all of a sudden and it didnt have the same sharp peak as a clit orgasm but I did feel this incredible relaxed amazing feeling through my whole body afterwards.
I have also given into a long term fantasy of mine and finally ordered a real chastity belt from Fancy Steel. I can't wait.

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Re: Update on my journey

Post by analsexonly » Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:14 am

That's awesome, @PetGirl, both that you've successfully tried a period of anal only and are going to try going even longer! I hope he eagerly agrees to try it for a month and that you both discover just how much better it is to spend all your time anal only and that he'll ultimately be on board with moving past vaginal entirely.

Congratulations on starting to have anal orgasms. I encourage continuing to exclude clit stimulation entirely, and they'll likely get easier and better the more you practice with them.

Keep us updated, both with the above and your chastity belt experiences.

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