Anal massage

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Anal massage

Post by Luckylad » Fri Jun 12, 2020 10:56 am

So i'm sharing this more so i can document progress between me and my wife as she has always said no to anal.

We've had the odd dabble and fingering but a few nights ago the next step was reached while giving her a good massage. While massaging her in bed she asked if i could massage her buttocks which obviously was no problem for me, i was quickly aroused soon after but i didn't insinuate anything i moved back up to her upper back and shoulders but she raised and wiggle her ass as she felt my arousal between her buttocks. I asked if i could go back down and she said yes so i went back down!

I worked each buttock taking the time to move slowly up and down movements and cicular and i could tell she was starting to get hugely aroused as i kept running my hands straight over her hole, she asked me to go further down and she was soaking wet so i fingered her gently and ran my moist hands over her hole and she didn't flinch one bit and the moaning was getting intense. I kept running my hand over her hole but by now i was applying a little pressure and stretching her ring slightly without protest, until the next thing happened!

She got up on her knees with me still behing her and i began to finger her rigorously still running my by now wet fingers over her hole, i went in with my tongue this time and worked her good but then she angled her asshole on my tongue and i deliberatly kept still to see what her move was and then it happened - she lent back into my tongue and started to move in a circular motion she was fucking her ass with my tongue which was unbeliveably hot!

This lasted for what seemed like an eternity i kept playing with her clit and she was so unbeliveably wet and turned on i got adventureous and asked her to spread her ass cheeks and she did just that - at that i probed my tongue harder and as far as i could strech it out into her ass which was met by moaning and her requesting me to suck her hole - the force and pressure of which she was applying to me to ride my tongue was almost suffercating but this carried on for a long time her riding my tongue deep in her asshole!

Soon after she flipped over and she had a huge orgasm but i didn't press the issue to carry on further, i asked if she enjoyed what happened which was met with a resounding yes she had no idea why she enjoyed she just did but i've been granted a green light to do it again which is a massive win on our anal quest!

We've got some anal relaxing lubricant with jojoba extracts so i think next time i'm going to massage her emtire ass with the lube and work it into her hole to give her the ultimate relaxed feeling, i want her to be in total charge but i think with continual play and now her nerve endings are woke as such to the plesures of what anal play can bring i'm hopeful eventually i can get my dick in her and pleasure her like we've not experienced in our 18yrs together before it certainly seems promising!

Anyway sorry for going on but i wanted to share :D

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Re: Anal massage

Post by luv2play45 » Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:01 pm

Sounds like it's going good for you.
You're taking your time and getting everything right.
Soon she'll be having body shaking orgasms while you fuck her ass.

I found that if a woman is unwilling at first a good rimming soon works to change her mind.
I would lick her with my tongue and then gently push my dick against her anus, just enough to barely enter.
Then I would go back to tongue fucking her again but now her anus is just a bit more dilated.
Going back & forth a few times would usually gain me acceptance and entry.

I envy your anal adventure with your wife.
Wishing you good luck!

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