Anal Experience/habits with my wife

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Alan Burton
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Anal Experience/habits with my wife

Post by Alan Burton » Mon Jul 13, 2020 3:51 pm

In the beginning, when first trying anal I would let her use a butt plug to stretch her ass before I could go in. Now that she’s more experienced, I typically don’t allow her to use a butt plug before anal. I prefer letting my dick open her up. We typically start off in prone with me on top of her and a pillow under her ass. I Make her put her head down on the pillow with her face turned to the side. I keep my face close to her so I can watch her facial expressions when I’m thrusting. I thrust really slow and gentle at first. Then I like to surprise her by slowly pulling out, and the ramming it all back inside as deep as I can. I do this repeatedly whenever I want to hear her scream. I like to cum in her ass, plug her ass so my cum can’t leak out, then flip her over on her back and stick my dick in her mouth and make her suck my tip and balls. The only time I let her use a butt plug before anal instead of after anal is if I don’t want to waste time stretching her or going slow when I get home from work. I’ll let her know 1-2 hours in advance that I’m going to jackhammer her ass because I want some quick anal so she needs to prepare with a butt plug and lube and stretching.

Another favorite position is when I’m lying on my back, she’s lying down on top with her back facing my chest, I lift her knees up to my chest and then fuck her ass. I like blindfolding her and tying her hands behind my head in this position. This is the only anal position where I’ll blindfold her. Other times, I like watching her face while I’m fucking her ass.

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Re: Anal Experience/habits with my wife

Post by Regent » Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:14 pm

Impressive - how amenable your wife is 8-)
How are old both of yours?
swap pics with wife, talk
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