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Almost new to anal

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:34 pm
by analnorway

First of all, sorry for my english since i am a New member from Norway.

This is my first post. I have been lurking on this site for a while and wanted to share my experiences on Anal. Me and my wife are both 35, been toghether since we were 19 and both lost our virginity to eachother. We have been purely vanilla/vaginal until about 5 years ago. It actually started with me asking if i could lick her pussy after she had been pissing and not wiping, she said yes and it was so damn hot and the taste was amazing (yes i know, i am a dirty boy) this continued and ended up after a while to her pissing straight in my mouth and me drinking it down. This continued for a while and i started to want more, i started to become a sexual beast (LOL) but my wife loved this. I asked if i could taste her ass, so one night we made with her riding my cock, she climbed down, bent herself over in doggy with her ass up, licked her finger and put that finger in her ass. My cock was rock hard, she said: do you want to taste my ass of my finger? I Said yes and when she put that finger in my mouth i almost came, it tasted so amazing and that was the time i started to want to try that asshole with my cock.

One night i asked if she wanted to try Anal, she was not sure but i was allowed to put my finger in her ass. This continued and after a while she decided that i could try fucking her ass. We bought lube, but we never really got this right, it was tight, painful for her but after a while we bought silicone based lube and believe me son, my cock slowly went in and i could fuck her slow, maybe half my cock length. Maybe one year ago we desided to have Anal one night a week, so every saturday i got her ass, not always successfull but i got her ass every week at least.

We had a argument a few months ago, not to serious but we did not agree and did not have sex in 3-4 days, she asked if she could fuck me and told me to lay down on the bed and she would Come to me in a few minutes. I undressed and laid down, she came in to the room and she had a buttplug in her ass. She lubed up my cock, pulled out that plug and she took my cock and put in on her asshole and Just pressed her asshole straight down balls deep. This was the first time i have had all of my cock in her ass and damn that felt amazing. She rode my cock like they do in porn and god it was amazing, she told me to fuck her and believe me i did. After this, we have sometimes had Anal 3-4 times a week, not always successful but we keep trying. She sometimes get sore but we found out it helps with her using a buttplug an hour before. We desided to try anal only from today until december 24, i told her i can fuck her pussy for Christmas. Dont know Where this is going but it is going to be fun trying only anal

Re: Almost new to anal

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:48 pm
by analnorway
I still likes her pussy, the visual and taste/smell. I love the fact that i can feel how she become horny. An example is when i talk about sharing her with a girl. She has told me that she sometimes fantasize about having sex with a girl, when i fuck her pussy and start talking about sharing her with a girl, her pussy gets soaking wet within 10 seconds and her nipples gets erect, its so sexy.

But anal is for us sort of new and it is fun to explore this new sensation. I love when she uses a buttplug beforehand so that when she removes the plug i can lube up my cock and it slides so more easily in her ass. I love the feeling of my cock suddenly passes the tight ring and pops inside her rectum. I like to take it slow at first and she decides if she want it fast or slow. Whats fun about Anal is that you really can have sensual and slow anal, the thought of being inside her rectum is amazing and it is a different sensation than her pussy. I like kissing her while i slowly working my cock in and out while thinking about where my cock is. Sometimes after a slow and sensual anal session she tells me to fuck her, usually she likes being in missionary for this, she lays on her back, pulling her legs up and i fuck her, when i start fucking her like this i can feel her ass adjusting and her asshole become loose and it almost feels like her pussy, when i fuck her hard in this position her pupils get big, her nipples hard, her pussy swollens and her pussyjuice start to drip out of her pussy and running down to her asshole and helps keeping her asshole lubed.

After we started with anal we have been having more sex. We text eachother every day, also when we are at work. I tell her i think about her asshole, i want to lick it, taste it and fuck it. We have become more sexual and thats a good thing, we have more sex now than when we met 19 years old. So 16 years later we are really sexual and we have evolved a sexual dynamic that fits us. We have become dirtyer, watch porn togheter, thinks about her having sex with a girl, anal, peeplay with her urinating in my mouth, she wearing thongs often now because she knows i love it.

Going to be fun to try only Anal until Christmas.

Re: Almost new to anal

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:40 pm
by analnorway

We have had Anal saturday, sunday, tuesday and thursday (last night). Last night she used a buttplug for half an hour, i pulled out that buttplug and licked her pussy (when her ass is plugged she does not feel as much in her pussy) then she positioned herself in doggy and i lubed up and she told me to fuck her ass. My cock did penetrate her ass easy peasy and she told me to fuck her and i did, deep. I fucked her in doggy, spooning and finished with her in missionary with a pillow under her hips and legs up. We both came together while i leaned over her tongue kissing deep and slow.

The progress is remarkable, she told me she does feel great, her ass is not sore at all and she wants me to fuck her asshole on saturday again. I have to say i do love her pussy though and i kind of miss it, so i do look forward to fucking her pussy at Christmas evening. She has told me she Will wear thongs under her dress while we having our family for Christmas so we can hide away and she Will give me short blowjobs and i Will lick her pussy, we are going to whisper dirty things to eachother and we Will fuck like rabbits when family leaves. But i do love Anal, i love thinking about my cock is in her rectum, it feels a little bit dirty/taboo.

Just wanted to share our progress.