Can Anal porn turn straight to gay?

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Can Anal porn turn straight to gay?

Post by Gapeman » Mon Dec 14, 2020 5:05 am

I’ve always been obsessed with anal sex. Anal is the only kind of sex I wish to have. Since a was a kid I abandoned very quickly vanilla porn. After my first anal scene I got aroused by anal sex only. I loved to watch girls taking cock and cum up the ass. That quickly escalated in trying to find every day harder and nastier anal scenes. ATM, brutal dildos, anal gangbangs, gaping holes...the nastier the merrier. So after a while I got curious with shemales, what’s better? There ain’t no pussy at all...only cocks and assholes. It was perfect. Only anal as it should be, with no chance at all of seeing the “wrong” hole to be penetrated. It was just matter of time until I saw a huge cock she male fucking a guy in the ass. That changed everything forever. After seeing all those nasty whores enjoying so much anal penetration I suddenly was too curious to know how does it feels like to be anal fucked. I started watching strap on girls, shemale fucking guys, bisexual and our endless hunger for more and more porn brought me to watch gay porn as well. With this porn diet I became every day more curious so I tried to fuck my ass in order to know how it feels, and when I found my roommate dildo I couldn’t resist. And it has been incredible!! Nothing beats the pleasure of something (especially a big cock) fucking my ass, stretch it open and fill it. Since then I fuck my ass every time I can but I didn’t have the guts to do it with a real man or she male. Although I still like women I feel like I want to be the anal slut. I love fucking girls in the ass and gape them but I have the feeling that it would be better if is my ass fucked deep and rough by some big cocks. I want my ass to be broken, gaped, filled with spit and cum...I want to be turned into an anal slut!! My biggest dream is to have an AO girlfriend who loves to take cocks up the ass with me. Being anally fucked together by her bulls, filled with cocks and cum until she makes me the perfect anal whore. I wonder if anyone has the same feelings...

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Re: Can Anal porn turn straight to gay?

Post by clouds » Mon Dec 14, 2020 4:13 pm

In your post I see some similarities to my own journey, so here are my thoughts. My main point: I'm not sure it's the porn that is "turning" you. Sexuality is very individual and can change naturally over the course of a lifetime, with or without watching porn.
I had my first sexual encounters as a young boy, with other boys. But that was before puberty really started, and as soon as that hit I was totally into girls and their asses :D Just like you, ever since I can remember I was totally into anal (my full story is on the board here somewhere if you're interested). I think some of us are just born with a natural anal obsession/fetish (whatever you wanna call it) and if you are like that it's only natural to want to involve that area into your sex life. It's totally normal and I encourage anyone to try it, male or female, because it's fun and very pleasurable.

Now, there are two things:
1. In our society anal sex is heavily associated with homosexual men. That is just a stereotype that has nothing to do with reality. Do some research, anal play is very common with heterosexual people, people use it in masturbation, also lesbians do it. On the other hand, there are many gay men who don't do anal. What I'm saying: If you're into anal, that has absolutely nothing to do with you being gay. I would describe myself as ~70%straight 30% gay, if you think about it as a spectrum. I'm not turned on by male energy or male attributes. I'm mostly attracted by femininity and I wouldn't seek out a man for sex but if my girlfriend would want a threesome with another man I would be totally fine with that. Shemale too of course, femininity with male sex organs - what's not to like :D I also like the thought of giving oral sex to a man/shemale.
--> But here's a question for you: Would you be able to fall in love with a man? You know, be in a relationship with him, cuddle in the cinema, kissing, holding hands? Or is it just a sexual thing?

2. Porn is very addicting and it's common to turn to more "extreme" scenes to give you the same kick. I was heavily addicted to porn for a long time and only recently (2 years ago) stopped watching it, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. I watched and got turned on by many many things that I would never ever want to do in real life. But your brain kinda gets accustomed to it when you watch it every day, multiple times a day.
--> That doesn't mean that your sexuality is changing! It's just an indicator that you are addicted to porn.

So, first of all, I would encourage you to reduce your porn consumption, because without "porn-brain", sex is much more intense and pleasurable. And it will help you find out who you really are sexually, you'll be less distracted with porn acts - which are not real. Instead you'll have more space to explore your own fantasies. If it turns out you are "more gay" than you thought, that's totally fine, gives you more options, I guess :)
I personally have found out that I have a submissive side when it comes to sex (I don't always have to be in that role though), I enjoy giving pleasure and being told what to do sometimes. After years of porn/orgasm addiction, I really enjoy sex that is not just about me and chasing my orgasm. And I have found an amazing woman who enjoys exploring with me, we already bought a strapon for her to use on me 8-)

Wish you all the best!

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Re: Can Anal porn turn straight to gay?

Post by TomofSweden » Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:28 pm

If it is, so what?

But I don't think porn can turn anything into something they aren't all along. I wondered if I was Gay until I had gay sex. Then I learned that I was 100% straight, without a hint of bi. Our brains can do weird things to our self image. Besides, there's a reason gays have so much anal sex, it feels nice

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Re: Can Anal porn turn straight to gay?

Post by igiuL deepS » Sat Dec 19, 2020 6:06 pm

the entire gay rights movement got it's start once it finally got people to understand that one's sexual orientation does. not. change.

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