Just got my ass stretched

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Just got my ass stretched

Post by BritDreamer » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:45 pm

Just had a fantastic evening with my lady love, wanted to share it with you guys.

My lady's butt was looking particularly peachy today and i was getting horny looking at it. I started stroking it and kissing the back of her neck before dropping to my knees and kissing her butt. To my absolute delight, she pulled down her trousers, spread her cheeks and said "stick your tongue in my ass, sweetie". Happily, I obliged and within minutes I had my tongue all the way up her ass and my fingers teasing her pussy.

Things progressed quickly and we soon found ourselves in the bedroom, with my gf riding my face squirting orgasms into my mouth as I gently fingered her asshole.

Next, it was my turn and my lady love put on her biggest strapon - 20cm in circumference. She lay me on my back, lifted my legs in the air and tied them to the bed with belts.

What started as gentle lovemaking quickly progressed to aggressive anal as she pounded my hole as I desperately sniffed poppers, trying to take the massive cock she was ramming into my ass. I was in heaven, the deeper she plunged into me, the more my ass stretched to accommodate her girthy cock. My prostate was throbbing from the stimulation and I told her I was close to cumming.

It turns out she wasn't finished with me yet. She flipped me upside down, with my legs in the air. Her one hand circled my cock as her other hand slid into my gaping ass. She started to fist-fuck me as she played with my cock. I was practically delirious from the intensity, my head back on the bed and my mouth open trying to control my breathing.

I guess my gf saw an opportunity she didn't want to pass up and stuck her strapon cock in my mouth and ordered me to suck it. That was a first for me but I did what I was told. The idea of sucking a cock fresh out of my ass was such a dirty turn on.

Her monster cock in my mouth and her fist in my ass was more than I could take and I had an incredibly intense orgasm. Exhausted we both lay on the bed and cuddled, the perfect end to a beautiful evening.

I can't wait for tomorrow...

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