Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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DISCLAIMER: Pseudonyms are used. We have no real life connection to midget racing, but everything else is factual. Our relatives are well known and respected in a certain community and we aren’t interested in “outing” them for our choices.


Our parents traveled around earning a living on the track and we tagged along in RVs helping with the midgets under the tent before and after a race. As kids we shared milestones together and as adolescents we dated each other. Being about the same age and basically growing up in a workshop, six of us ended up in the same technical college together.

We tried the boy-girl “pairing-up” ritual society promotes, but for us it was more complicated than that. Today we present as three couples; Mary and Joey; Margaret and Dennis; Martha and George; but we have all “played-together” since college. One way that we have been able to do this is that we decided to go into business together.

We are by nature fiercely independent Americans from the Old South. But as John Locke pointed out, our absolute freedom exists within a restrictive environment of other people and our own biological needs and wants. Having freedom we decided freely to give trust over to our partners within the framework that we have developed over time.

Understanding is the key, understanding allows us to predict and to know. Knowledge allows us to trust that our needs will be met and that our desires have meaning. Trust allows me to be in the moment when I roll the low number on the dice and I stand up so that my lovers may strip me naked in the dining room, cuff me, and place a loosely woven black burlap bag over my head.

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