Wearing a butt plug

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How often do you wear a plug?

sometimes for several hours, mostly during day
sometimes for several hours, mostly during night
regularly (every day) for several hours, but only overnight
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regularly (every day) for several hours, but only during day
I regularly sleep plugged the whole night
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Wearing a butt plug

Post by Analien » Sat Nov 06, 2021 2:52 am

I was wondering how often you guys and girls wear a butt plug. For better overview, I created a pool.
I mostly wear a plug overnight, almost regularly, sometimes also during the day, but never to work.
Vstříc análním orgasmům.

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Re: Wearing a butt plug

Post by Colt1911 » Sat Nov 06, 2021 8:06 pm

I’m answering for my wife, but she plugs several hours before sex. Recently, we’ve used the plug for play, which is an entirely different sensation she actually prefers. We use a heavy, stainless plug because she likes the stretching as I slowly pull it out and reinsert it. We have silicone and glass dildos and plugs, but the thin neck plug is an awesome anal toy, at least for her. I’ve asked her to plug when we go out, but she’s worried she’ll be way too turned on. That’s a good thing, right?

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Re: Wearing a butt plug

Post by AnalJay » Tue Nov 09, 2021 5:59 am

I like to wear one sometimes when I am working from home or if I am doing DIY. You get to bend and reach into all kinds of positions when DIYing so it moves around inside and feels interesting. I have a few glass ones around 60mm. One with a rounded shoulder and one with a more angled. shoulder. The angled one stays put and also gives more sensation, but is also more distracting and eventually uncomfortable. The rounded shoulder one is more comfortable and can be worn for extended periods. It exercises your butt more as squeezing pushes it deeper in and relaxing lets it work slowly out, though it has never actually fallen out, you can just feel it widening your hole as its weight pulls it down. I also have one that is a little longer and cock shaped. It has a large ridge where the head is that if inserted the right way is pleasing on the prostate. It is very tapered and so slides out until the ridge of the glans catches, but then squeezing it slides all the way back in. You can almost fuck yourself just by squeezing and relaxing. I also have an inflatable one that I had been using training for fisting - but last week my wife got her whole hand in my ass and fisted me properly for the first time. So we're pretty happy about that. Glass is prey unforgiving though, so you have to be careful about what size you are really ready for.

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