Best Anal Ever

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Best Anal Ever

Post by Karasmith1978 » Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:20 pm

Last night my wife and I had the best anal sex ever. I'm a transgender woman and we have a lesbian relationship, that is to say that I rarely if ever use my penis to penetrate her. Instead I'll use the same strap-on she uses on me, after cleanup of course. It all started when she came out of the bathroom after showering and I straight up asked her if she was going to fuck me tonight. She smiled and said she would do me any time I wanted. Now that statement isn't quite true but I knew what it meant for me last night. So I excused myself to the bathroom and did a quick anal douche. I brushed my hair and touched up my lipstick and headed downstairs to the bedroom. We lowered the lights and after we removed most of our clothing we hopped into bed. Our bedroom is in the basement so it gets chilly down there. After some making out and general groping, playing with each other's breasts etc, she pulled back the covers to reveal her magnificent cock. It's one of those dual density jobs that feels super real. I rolled over and began to stroke it while I laid my head on her breast. It amuses my wife when I play with her cock as though it were real. Soon, I began to kiss her stomach, slowly moving my head down until my mouth was right next to her cock. She arched her hips up and it slipped right in my mouth. I grabbed her trusty vibrator and started sucking her cock while I messaged her clit with the vibe on low. I know it may seem dumb to suck a strap-on but the psychological effects are huge. Before long she was humping my mouth. Eventually, the vibe got to be too much for her and she suggested she should get to fucking me. I love missionary so we started there. A couple pillows under my ass and a bit of scooting and her head was pressing against my hole insistently. I reached down and guided her in. It felt like coming home, it felt like heaven, but mostly it felt like seven inches of hard cock slide into me. She started slowly fucking me. I just lost it. She was hitting all the right spots and speeding up steadily. After twenty minutes or so in that position she told me that she was too pooped to pump anymore and we would need to change positions. This time she laid on her back and I mounted her in a reverse cowgirl position. I was able to rock back and forth on her big tool sliding almost all the way out as I leaned towards her feet and then all the way back in as I sat up straight again. Sometumes just for a kick I would lick her feet when I leaned all the way forward. We went at it that way for another twenty min until my legs were burning so bad that the pleasure of her dick was being overwhelmed by the burn in my thighs. This time we moved to a doggy position. This is where my wife really shines. To say that she fucked me senseless is an understatement. I don't know how long she pounded me, hard and fast but when I came it was earth shattering. She had actually gotten close herself so a little action with the vibe after I could stand again and she had a wonderful orgasm herself.

I hope you guys liked.

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Re: Best Anal Ever

Post by Canassman » Tue Nov 30, 2021 11:02 pm

Very happy for u.

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