Bad experiences

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Bad experiences

Post by Happyfeet123 » Mon Jan 24, 2022 5:09 am

Ive always had the problem of my penis being too thick for girls to accommodate. Its gotten to the point where i gave up on pursuing an ao almost but im still waiting patiently. Has anyone else experienced the same problems? Just curious thanks

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Re: Bad experiences

Post by Karasmith1978 » Mon Jan 24, 2022 4:34 pm

No and unfortunately you are both blessed and cursed. Every man wants what you have, a big dick. But not every woman can accommodate such a tool. What you really need is especially hard to find. You need a woman who is an anal expert.
Please don't take offense to this question, but have you ever thought about being with a transgender woman? Girls like us have never obviously never had a vagina so we make do with what we have. An ass. I can out anal my wife anytime. I know a lot of straight men think that sex with a trans woman makes them gay but they are missing the point that we have been trying to make for years. Trans women are women. You seem interested in an anal only lifestyle anyway and most trans women really have no desire to penetrate you. Most of us are just like cis gender women. We want to be fucked by a big strong man. Someone who makes us feel like the women we are. Porn gets it so wrong in regards to trans women. There are so many vids of trans girls fucking guys and in the real world that doesn't happen as often as you would think. I'm in a committed relationship at this point but if I wasn't I wouldn't be looking for anyone to penetrate. I'd be looking for bisexual tops or straight guys who wants to fuck me 3 times a night. Anyway I digress but my point is that most trans women are anal freaks like me and if you entertain the idea of dating a trans woman your chances of finding an AO relationship go up exponentially. We can be hard to date. We have been scorned by society and a great many of us have been abused or assaulted in the past. We are seen as a fetish and objectified. But if you are kind, sincere, and patient. If you treat us like the women we are, you could be balls deep in a hot willing ass l, every night. I personally love a girthy cock. It hits all the spots at once. Anyway, good luck to you. I hope you find someone out there to enjoy your complete package as it were.

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