I'm so grateful for anal....

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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I'm so grateful for anal....

Post by Lisbon_Couple » Fri Dec 16, 2022 3:51 pm

I'm so grateful for anal sex, without it our sex life would be just me feeding my wife with sperm until I'm fully dry, and her breastfeeding me.

Don't get me wrong, I love to feed my wife and she truly worships my penis, but I would be a really boring one,
And for her it meant that she couldn't orgasm never, something that is not fair for her.

With anal we can have sex like any other couple, she can cum as many times as she wants she can make me cum inside her when she wants. All the cum stays always inside her and it's absorbed by her body.

I can only ejaculate inside her, that's her most sacred rule.

We can also 69, with me eating her lovehole and her sucking me dry. Her lovehole it's the most beautiful and sweetest thing I have even seen.

Pegging is becoming a really important part of our sexual life. She bought us a strap on that we share, which is about twice as big as my penis.She says it was the biggest one that she thought I could handle. I must admit that at first i was a little worried, but with some lub is fits perfectly inside me.
Her by other hand can put it inside her like it wasn't nothing.

There are no words to describe the felling of being hugged to the love of our life, cumming really hard with wonderful prostrate orgasms, hearing the most sweet and lovely words form my wife, and only using my sexual organ for pure pleasure, fully ignoring the reproductive ones. My penis just stays really small and untouched. Prostrate orgasms are amazing, but it was a dry cum, no ejaculation, not a single drop of sperm.

Then we switch places, It's time my time to put our strap on and peg her. And it's her turn to cum really hard, hugged at me and felling all my love. She has more strong orgasms with the strap on than with my penis, because the strap on is bigger, but she prefers my penis, because she needs the sperm inside her, and the strap on doesn't ejaculate.

To finally be able to make love to my wife using only our sexual organs, fully ignoring the reproductive ones, it's just a dream come true.

I'm so so grateful for anal sex :)
I'm a very lucky man happily married to an anal goddess.

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