Most public place you ever had anal in?

Tell about your own experiences with the anal only lifestyle.
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Re: Most public place you ever had anal in?

Post by Sphincter.Stretcher » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:22 am

minorkeyes wrote:
Mon May 29, 2017 10:08 am
Subway train and park!

I'll share the story for you randy folk out there;

I was out with some girlfriends after work one night and had a few drinks. Little tipsy so I felt it was time to go home for the night- I am not a big drinker.

On the train ride home I was horny and the car was empty. So I touched myself a little to get my engine revved for when I got home. I am married but am in an open marriage.

A guy walked into my car and I barely noticed in time to close my legs. He sat across the way from me and I think he noticed I had my hand up my skirt and I was blushing. That just made me even wetter between my legs. So I decided to have some fun and go full on masturbation in view of the guy who boarded.

This is like a 45 min train ride by the way.

So I did. Hiked up my skirt, spread my legs and began fingering myself right in front of the guy. Pulled up my top so he could see my tits.

The guy just said, "Wwooooowww!" and began videoing me on his phone. That made me wetter. I was on my first orgasm very quickly after spreading my legs.

Then I just blurted out to him, "Want to fuck me in the ass?"

He said something I barely heard but I kept masturbating and was on my way to the second orgasm. During which he sat next to me and began touching my tits and kissing my neck, put his hand down my panties and began fingering me.

I said, "Fuck my ass, please."

I was so wet and horny at this point, you have no idea. He kinda scooted me over to my right side as if to enter my pussy but I just turned over on my knees on the train seat, ass up and spread wide. He stood up, dropped his pants, grabbed the upper hand rail and went right up in my ass.

No lube, no condom.

I was blissed the fuck out at this point. He came very quickly in my ass. Felt like a lot of cum and I was very happy he came so quickly and hard for me.

That was not the end though.

After he came inside me. He said some nonsense stuff about me being a 'bad bitch' and all that. I was not paying too much attention though. But what did happen was someone else boarded the train as we were fucking. Another guy.

He and the guy that fucked me were kinda bragging about having fucked/watched me being fucked. I wanted to fuck both of them at this point.

So I told them the next stop was my final stop and there was a park across the street from the train station (which is true). If they wanted we could go to the park and they could both fuck and cum inside my pussy or ass. As much as they liked.

I had my hand down the pants of the guy who fucked me already and was lightly stroking his sloppy, semi-hard cock.

Both these guys were black by the way. I am a early 40s white Jewish woman from Oak Park, Illinois. Just for context.

They both agreed to my plan and we went to the park. It was totally empty this time at night- maybe around 2-3 in the morning or so? The park is literally across the street from the train station.

At the park we found a bench just inside the entrance. They both were groping and trying to kiss me during the walk to the park. I let them. It was fun.

Began sucking one guy's cock right away. The other guy fingering me and stuff.

And then we just started fucking. One in my mouth, one in my pussy at first. Guy in my pussy came fast. Guy in my mouth finished in my ass upon my request. Then the other guy got hard again and just went solo in my pussy (missionary style); before he came I asked him to finish in my ass and I went into the doggy position. He came in my ass in just a few strokes.

The other guy began fisting my pussy while I slurped/cleaned the cock of the guy who just came in my ass with my mouth. Than the guy fisting me slipped his cock in and came in my pussy. Hard.

I went home with my pussy and ass nicely filled. Mounted my husband reverse cowgirl with his semi-erect cock between my ass cheeks as he slept. Slowly my husband woke up as I grinded on him. He came up my ass in a few minutes and I fell asleep blissfully.

That was the craziest night of sex I ever had and the riskiest. Only did that once. It was just the moment of it all.

This is SO hot! Thank you for sharing

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Re: Most public place you ever had anal in?

Post by Sphincter.Stretcher » Thu Jun 18, 2020 11:06 am

I used be a nude model for an all men's art group when I was in my 20's. It was good money and I loved being totally naked and exposed. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, so it allowed me to explore this side of my young self.

They would have me pose in all these very sexual porn star poses. The instructor would give me a Viagra to keep me totally hard during the posing sessions because the artists liked to draw me fully aroused.

A day or so before one session, the instructor called and asked if I would be interested in posing with another guy. He had another model who he wanted to see posing with me. I said sure. (I was young and adventurous)

We got to the studio an hour or so before the class so we could meet and get comfortable. He was this very sexy dark mocha Daddy. We hit it off instantly. The instructor had us try out a few poses to see us together. He suggested we rubbed down with baby oil to give our skin some shine and contrast.

We started doing a series of quick poses. us in an embrace, me kneeling down with my face by his massive rod. him, bending me over. Basic "artsy/porn" poses.

We took a break, the next pose was supposed to a be longer (10-15 min) pose. Vic (the other model) asked me if I want to give the artists something special. I said absolutely. He had me lay back on the edge of the posing stage with my feet up in the air. he got above me and guided his rod deep inside me. We had to hold this pose while the artists drew us AND hold totally still. When the time was up he gave me a few long and deep strokes before he pulled out.

the next pose was me on my side with one leg up, and him taking me from behind on his knees. Again, we had to stay totally still.

Next, I rode him, with us both facing the class. Vic would flex his ass and slowly pumped me. When time ended I made sure to slide up and down a few times.

Our last pose was me on my back with him holding my legs wide open and pushed up. This time, Vic didn't stay still. He pumped and pumped and pumped. "you're supposed to stay still..." the instructor said. the entire class was rubbing them selves or had their hand in the pants.

Vic started to pound me harder and harder and wrapped his hand around my shaft and stroked me as he pumped. Suddenly he let out a loud grunt, his rod and full sack twitched, and I felt him cum deep inside me. This was too much for me and let my cum fly all over my chest and a few spurts hit my face.

It was amazing!

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Re: Most public place you ever had anal in?

Post by Lisalovesanal » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:07 pm

Lots of places. At the beach a lot. I get even hornier when it’s hot and that always results in hubby or some random being balls deep either down my throat or up my arse. Once in an empty train carriage and as always hubby likes my ample tits on display so he pressed me up against the window and jack hammered me in the arse till he blew a nice load inside me. Then made me push it out and fed it to me. I love when he does that. Countless times in the car and a lot of times in the back of a car whilst someone else is driving. The best for me was when we travelled to the UK and I’d always loved the idea of dogging. So we went to a number of dogging beats and hubby videod me getting fucked by total strangers. Every position and every hole on offer. Loved being fondled and used as a cum dump. Being fucked in 2 or 3 holes whilst having other guys stand over you jerking off. As always hubby got to use me at the end and the rule was that I couldn’t wipe myself down or clean myself off. Went back to our hotel covered in dried up cum and piss and hubby fucked me for ages. We did that as much as we could during our time there. We still get off watching those videos.
You had me at anal ;)

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Re: Most public place you ever had anal in?

Post by crowquill22 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 6:41 pm

You've all got me beat by far! Haven't had anal sex in public, but have messed around a bit. Once played with and fingered my ex's ass at a drive-in movie (out on the grass in front of the screen, not in the car) with multiple friends around. I know it's nothing compared to the other stories in this thread, but it's a fun and hot memory for me. :lol:

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