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Post by aolinco » Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:04 am

Hey everyone.

I've been trying to become a member of the AOL cub for a while. Finally "arrived" last night. :)

For some history, I'm a SWM in my late 40s. Been enjoying anal sex with women since my mid 20s. I always fantasized about living with anal only, or being in a AO relationship, but never thought it could become a reality. Well, it did last night!

My current GF and I started doing some anal a few months ago. It was always the icing on the cake for a romantic evening. She definitely gets off on it, experience multiple orgasms while I fuck her ass. Recently, she's been more of the initiator, always being prepared and inviting. About a week ago, after a bubble bath with candles, champagne, and soft music; we had epic sex. After about an hour of foreplay and vaginal sex, she guided my cock into her ass while on top of me. Very hot, of course; and even hotter knowing that this was all her; I was just the "furniture", so to speak. We proceeded to enjoy non-stop anal sex until I lost count of her orgasms and eventually came deep inside her ass.

Now, the encounter above was important as she was about to start her period. Last night, I decided to go over to her house to hang out and enjoy a beverage or two. All good, and eventually we started making out and fooling around. She went down on me, as usual, but I wasn't ready to be satisfied with "just" a blowjob. I needed to fuck and told her so. She doesn't do sex during this time of the month so we were kinda stuck, right? WRONG! I proposed that we simply do what we did a few days ago, only skipping the vaginal part. Incredibly, she was down with it and we proceeded with our typically amazing anal sex. Afterwards, she admitted that she never thought sex could be like this. I love it, and I can't imagine she likes it as much as I do, but it's real: she came over and over, including a double-orgasm, when she basically came twice in a row non-stop. I wish I could come like that! But I'm perfectly happy coming deep in her ass every single time. Mmm...

Well, that's my true story. I love my new AOL!!!

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Re: AOL in CO

Post by analogue » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:06 am

Welcome aolinco!

Sounds like a pretty good start.
Now you have to hang in there and continuing anal sex for a few weeks. I'm sure you both will be stuck to the AO lifestyle without a doubt.

Happy assfucking ... ;)
Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow ...

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Re: AOL in CO

Post by analsexonly » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:00 am

Welcome, aolinco! Sounds like a great experience, and congratulations to the both of you for discovering how much better anal only can be.

Are you planning on continuing the anal only routine going forward now that she's seen how amazing it is to skip her pussy?

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Re: AOL in CO

Post by hasani2222 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:53 pm

That's awesome, man! I'm glad you're getting some abundant assfucking.

To think your AO timeline started because and she was naturally going through her period and you weren't satisfied with just a blowjob! I hope I can find an AO fuckbuddy/SO before my 40's, but any time is better than never.

Keep us updated! Sounds like it used to be dessert, now it's the entree.

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Re: AOL in CO - long update

Post by aolinco » Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:28 pm

Hey AOL people.

Well, after enjoying a couple months of near-total AOL with my GF, we hit a SNAFU:
Sometime in June, we reverted to vaginal sex just for convenience. Afterwards, we noticed that there was a lot of bleeding. She went to the doctor to check it out and ended up requiring a hysterectomy, poor girl. During this time (Aug - Oct) we broke up basically over some miscommunication. Lame. While I was single, I dated around a little bit but no anal. In fact, one girl I met said exactly that; while going down on me, she stopped and said "no anal" just to set the expectation or lack of. Ugh.

But the good news is that the old GF and I recently re-connected and agreed to revive our relationship. So, she came over the other nigh, we had beverages, lit a couple candles, put on some soft music and took a bubble bath. :) Then we got out and I had her lay face down on the bed while I proceeded to massage her with some fresh coconut oil. Yummy! I tried to go slow but of course eventually made my way down to her tight little asshole which I began to massage. To be kind, I also fingered her pussy for a minute or two, but the focus was definitely AO.

I continued to massage her ass while I lubed up my cock with more coconut oil. I then slowly inserted my cock millimeter by millimeter into her hot and oily asshole. Damn, that was so hot! I missed it so much. It was really wonderful being back in her ass. I slowly increased the speed and frequency of my thrusts and looked down to watch her hips proactively thrust back onto my cock. So hot.
She got up on all fours and started playing with her clit to get off and boy did she ever. I counted not less than seven major orgasms from her including one double where it basically doesn't stop. Amazing! I just wanted to fuck that ass forever but she started asking me to cum and I asked her to lay gown flat again as I kept fucking her until I eventually erupted inside her ass like I'd never cum before in my life. Seriously it was like a sex bomb exploded. Unreal.

How's that for an awesome evening? Absolutely no oral or vaginal sex. Just pure amazing anal. Damn I love it.
Next step with the GF is to ask about going AO. We'll see how that conversation goes...

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