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Re: Hello :)

Post by gapingamy » Wed Jan 03, 2024 12:54 am

Ace wrote:
Fri Jun 02, 2023 9:44 am
I am a Muslim girl with Turkish roots living in Germany. Though I am already 18 I am still a virgin and would like to remain so until I get married, I have never had any anal sex yet but think that I want to get familiar with it since I still want to explore myself sexually before marriage and also want to please any boyfriend I might have before getting married. So I did some research on anal sex online and also on people who only do anal sex so I found this website and decided to make an account to maybe talk to some people here and find out more about anal sex. Feel free to write me, just please be polite and be aware that I will not send any photos of myself and do not want to meet anyone in real life, thank you :)

Hey Ace, just wanted to give you a virtual hug, you made the right decision - I am not religious but also started with anal sex when I was 16, and my first vaginal sex only happened three years later, because my then-boyfriend insisted on it. But anal remained my preference. When I was really young, I would stick random things in my ass because it felt good, a finger or two, soon my whole fist, and I would masturbate always with my fist in my ass and a finger on my clit. It became standard procedure and for me, anal is the only real way to have sex.

I think it's a good idea to have sex before marriage and explore yourself. If you don't want vaginal sex before marriage, that is fine, but I can only recommend to try different men sexually before you get settled. Your ass will tell you when it feels right and you want to get settled with someone.
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Re: Hello :)

Post by ChrisW » Sun Feb 11, 2024 8:03 am

You've come to the right place and have made the right decision to consider anal sex. Having vaginal sex is only going to cause complications down the road. But not only will anal sex be good for the reasons you've given but you'll be giving a boyfriend the best sex possible so its a win for everyone. I wish you success and hope you have fun discovering anal.

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Re: Hello :)

Post by TelJ2003 » Sun Feb 11, 2024 4:53 pm

I'm from the UK. My boyfriend and I have been AO and have not looked back. For me, anal gives me much more pleasure than vaginal and although my vagina 'wants attention', denying it makes my anal experience more pronounced and enhanced. I hope you enjoy your anal journey and when you get married you might not want vaginal and your husband will enjoy your amazing sex life, Have fun

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