The Only Secret Freak?

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The Only Secret Freak?

Post by GiveAndTake1 » Tue May 14, 2024 10:53 pm

Hello all!

I’ll get right to it as it seems ive struck gold and ended up here!

When I was young I experienced SA and it made growing up a little different.
Im ok now that im an adult so dont worry :)
Just know that the experience has become alllllmost an obsession hahaha

The thing is, im kind of slutty about it. Ive never had sex with another male other than that time but ive heavily considered being a top under the right circumstances. I love women and their wonderful pussies too much to just hand over my booty to any ol man lol i will say it could have happened but at this point in my life , it wont. However, i do still have a thing for ass. Like a lot.
Even though i enjoy normal sex i still play with my butt from time to time. More often than id like to admit haha

I say all this because theres an issue: nobody in my area is ass freaky, safe, and discreet as i am. Im pretty much the only one i know that wants a secret anal only (giving and receiving) friend. Im attractive, fit, average cock size (about 6) , and interested in switching roles. All cards on the table, i lean towards dom 70% of the time but i dont forsee that being too much of a problem. Im a sucker for good well behaved and obedient subs lol

So here i am. I dont expect anything out of this aside from some recommendations but i try to give the good girls a chance at someone who actually cares enough provide, care for, and mayyyybe spoil them for just being themselves.

Thanks for reading! Im aware of the narcissism, thank you. Its part of the package. Hope everyone is having a great week and their day went well!

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