Hi, Bobby here from Pussyhaters-world on Tumblr

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Hi, Bobby here from Pussyhaters-world on Tumblr

Post by Pussyhater » Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:22 am

Hello to you all.
I have been reading this site a few months now and thought I also join your group and this incredibly noble site user.

So I live in Finland and I´m 39 years old and living with my wife and four kids. We have been together more than 15 years and we are extremely happy family for many reasons, but myself I like to think that one of the biggest reasons for that is because me and my wife have been living our lives as this sites name recommends and we have open relationship.

I haven´t counted exactly but think next April will come 15 years with my wife that we have been AO ( Of course if you do not count the times when we wanted to have children ) and for sure we will never change our style and for me it would not be even possible anymore. Honestly with the exception of my kids pussy has never given me anything else except for headache, bad feelings and bad self-esteem especially when I was a teenager and getting girls to agree in anal sex was almost impossible without some sort of vaginal sex.

But as a lucky guy I am, I met my wife when she was about 21 years old and I was about 24 and our chemistry just matched from the first sitting... She had never had anal sex with anybody else and agreed to have anal sex with me already the third time when we had sex and I was already a professional and knew exactly what to do and she liked it from the first time. I can honestly promise you guys that there has not been more than two or three times during all the times we have had sex that has not included some sort of anal stimulation.

My nickname Pussyhater actually comes from my wife which she called me ( as a joke of course ) in early stage of our dating when I opened myself that living and staying with me will automatically mean that the very few things I don´t like and hate she can´t even dream to have or even talk about like motorcycles, furs, Rap music and above everything else any form of vaginal sex or pussy stimulation. For many women asking something like that would be impossible to except, but for us this really never was a big problem and the only thing that took some time was for my wife to have orgasms from only anal sex but anyway even it took a long time ( years ) she got there and learned. Nowadays after long time together we of course are not that sexually active together anymore maybe 3 / 4 times per month but for both of us anal sex is the only choice and we don´t even talk about it because that´s normal sex for us now and there really is nothing exciting about it anymore.

Still like I mentioned we have very open relationship and I am allowed to do what I want and in principle so is she but she´s not that interested anymore of having her own fun like she was before. Myself behalf of my work I´m traveling much and lucky guy as I am I still enjoy great sex life outside my home as much as I can and have many place and many partners all over the world in Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Russia, Estonia and mainly in Thailand where my wife is actually from and I´m also a member in many clubs that are offering the stuff that I like which is anal sex of course. All this cost money sure but everybody needs a hobby :lol:

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Re: Hi, Bobby here from Pussyhaters-world on Tumblr

Post by Jess for anal » Fri Nov 06, 2020 10:35 am

I can see that after many years with your partner, sex becomes dull and adding variety spices things up, how do you guys with open relationships avoid STDS, I love cum dripping out of my ass, I don’t see how I can make it safe outside my marriage. What do you do?

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