Pansexual in Columbus, OH

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Pansexual in Columbus, OH

Post by slut_wannabe » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:44 pm


I'm a 58yo pansexual in the Greater Columbus area. I'm hoping that this board is friendly toward male receptive anal sex, not just women. To me, gender isn't particularly important, and I view anal sex is the key to fully separating sex from gender, since everyone has an anus. I've enjoyed anal stimulation since I discovered it when I was just 14, and have learned to have multiple orgasms from anal stimulation.

I am a submissive sexually, and am working to become anal only, or combine anal with sounding (which I hope isn't too close to vaginal to mention here). Currently I do allow penile stimulation along with anal stimulation.

I'm up for meeting in meatspace, but would want to get to know them before actually doing so. I'm married (fully open) but my wife and I play separately with others.

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