Desperate to be anal only

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Desperate to be anal only

Post by DougR » Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:23 pm

My wife and I are both 24 and have been married three years. We have a healthy sex life. We have sex about four times a week. My wife has a great ass and I have been interested in anal sex for a while but she was never open to the idea. About a year ago I began a concerted effort to change her mind. I would comment on how good her ass looked in whatever she was wearing (or not wearing). I payed more attention to her ass; patting her on her ass, when I'd come up behind her. Or rubbing her ass when we kissed. When I gave her a massage, I payed a lot of attention to her ass. When eating her pussy I would venture closer and closer to her ass. Eventually, I began to lick all the way to her ass hole, and she began to respond positively. I could tell this turned her on, but it was like she didn't want to admit it. Eventually she let me slide a finger in her ass while eating her pussy. If she had a drink or two, this would drive her wild, otherwise, she acted cold to the idea (even though I could tell it turned her on).

She recently agreed to try anal sex. I read everything I could find on how to do it right. I told her she probably needed to let me add fingers before she could take my cock. I purchased some silicone lube. Over the course of several weeks, I would eat her out as often as she would let me, eventually working up to three fingers without a problem. When the night finally came, she douched her ass with the bulb thing I got her, then took a shower. I ate her pussy as best I could as I added my fingers. When she was warmed up and my three fingers were comfortable for her, I applied copious amounts of lube, to her ass and my cock. I placed my cock against her asshole and let her push back to take it at her own pace. It was all I could do not to blow my load just thinking about what was happening. We could feel when the head of my cock pushed past her sphincters and into heaven. We just stayed like that for a time, then she began pushing back again until I was buried all the way in her ass. Once gain we just stayed like that for several minutes. I could feel her ass tightening and slacking around my cock. I have no idea how I held it together. She began to rock back and forth a little, then started to cum. This set me off. When I came in her ass for the first time, it eclipsed any other orgasm I had ever experienced. It felt like by balls completely drained into her ass. Immediately I knew this is how sex is supposed to be.

Which leads me to now. We've had anal maybe twice a month since then. A few times it was uncomfortable for her. Most of the time she has great orgasms. She's even admitted her anal orgasms are better then the ones she has with her pussy. But I can't seem to get her to want to have anal sex more. I desperately want to be anal only. From the second the head of my cock passed her sphincter into heaven I knew anal sex was all I wanted. If given the chance I would choose anal only in a heartbeat. If I never fuck her pussy again I would be okay with that. I'm desperate for suggestions how I might get her to have anal sex more often. When I point out the fact she has better orgasms, she just says she has to be in the right mood for anal sex. Someone help me, please.

I found this board and have read just about every single message, the guide, the blog, the other guy's blog. I am obsessed with anal sex. Every waking moment when I'm not otherwise occupied I think about how much I want to fuck my wife in the ass and only in her ass. I'm open to any suggestions.

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Re: Desperate to be anal only

Post by Analien » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:18 am


This is a beautiful story.

Regarding some advices on how to boost your wife's interest in having anal more often, I would recommend the following:

Discuss with your wife everything that is related to anal, try to find out what precedes her not being comfortable at anal every time.
It is good to incorporate a diet with a lot of fiber and she can also try wearing a butt plug for some time before anal sex. It is important that she be fully relaxed.

I believe that she will eventually be more open to the idea of more frequent anal sex, especially with your support.

Good luck and enjoy the forum.
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Re: Desperate to be anal only

Post by Zombawa » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:33 am

Hi Doug,

I think you have to be patient.
There are two factors:
- physical
- mental
It looks like your lady has made some progress on the mental point, as she is having anal sex with you.
It also looks like that the physical one is well managed as she can cum, and she usually feels no pain at the beginning.

Back to the mental one: it is not because she can have orgasm or just like the feeling of being anally played with that her mind is not uncomfortable with the very idea of anal sex.
She is probably in a state of mind where she feels guilty of doing it, even taking pleasure in it and wants to keep it "occasional".
At this stage, I would not push too hard on anal.
Continue to finger her when you go down on her, try to buy her a Rosebud with a nice colour, choose it with her.. and fuck her while she is wearing it (go for a large one, at least 1,4 inch bulb, below that it might enter past the anal rings).
The idea is to continue with the casual anal play without wanting of her the full anal penetration each time.

And one day the guilty feeling will fade and she might be willing to do anal more often, maybe not AO but certainly once or twice a week :)
Twice a month is already a great rythm, 99,99% of men on hearth (the hetero ones I mean) would be in heaven to be able to ass-fuck their woman twice a month :)

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Re: Desperate to be anal only

Post by analogue » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:13 am

Patience you must have my young padawan.

You did a good job so far. At least she feels comfortable and can climax from anal, this is a big step!
But you have to respect your wifes needs and desire. It takes more time to overcome the mental barrier than the physical one. Most of the couples here moved towards AO over years or even decades.

Try to get some practice and routine. When she is more in, suggest a tryout time and participate in a challenge like Anal Only August or No pussy November.

You are still very young. Don't be hasty and stay gentle.

Good luck ...
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