Hello from SOCAL Temecula

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Hello from SOCAL Temecula

Post by ButtLove007 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:32 pm

Hello all ladies into Anal Only or curious about it...

I am a middle aged young acting fit and funny hetrosexual male. I have always been into anal sex as far back as I can remember. Most women I tried anal with from a younger age to-present day, either prefered it to vaginal or were interested in trying it. I prefer someone who likes it enema clean.
I know some women are miraculously clean inside "good diet etc" god bless them, but I prefer to be extra clean when possible using a simple enema beforehand due to my love to oral as well. I am looking for a long term relationship AO. Just bet hard to cause I speak anal here a lot does not mean I am only into sex, it's just hard to find a woman who is anally inclinded and Anal only is a few notches harder to find i'd say...I began to really enjoying the feeling of cumming in someones ass and the lack of pregnancy risk. The way it felt and the vaccum that sucked me dry always made me smile and feel satisfied afterwards. I also was shocked to see how many women enjoyed cumming that way. Stories they told me about the first time they tried anal. I really get off making a woman cum anally and seeing the pleasure of a true anal only woman would be incrediblely intimate for me. I don't really want kids and would love to have an anal only relationship with a sexy fit woman who enjoys her ass worshipped often. I am very intimate that way since I've always enjoyed the ass over tits it's much easier for me to really please a woman that way. Nothing against the vagina or breasts, but i'm def an assman.

So if you are reading this and would like to PM me and or exchange pictures / email I'm open to all of that with the right person. Feel free to ask me anything on your mind. I prefer younger women but I definitely would not mind an older woman established into anal who is a freak like me, and into pleasing a man not fighting. I find younger women get along easier with older men less fights. I realize that is not always the case so if you have a good personality are a freak sexually and considering AO lifestyle or already are anal only i'd love to speak with you....PM me here...... John 47 :)

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