Being anal only naturally

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Being anal only naturally

Post by Mistress'lapdog » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:44 am

Im entenring now in this forum, i've read some posts for a while but now i want talk about my own experience. (Sorry of it becomes too long ) Its a little curious cause I allways been anal only and enjoyed anal only even before know what it is, before know about this online movement of encourage people to have only sex with the butt.

On other hand, my experience of being introduced on anal sex was so opposite to all i read here. My contact with anal was completally different of the most what i see here. My motives and way to anal only was very peculiar and differente from most, i'll explay detailed....
I can say that all i know about sex come from a teacher i had in high school years who i dated, she was a very older woman with a lot of kinky fantasies, including the desire to fuck little boys like i was. She was very bossy and like to dominates me, we had a femdom relationship in which she liked to pratice orgasm denial in me, only she cums in mostly times... and all times when we had peneatration was allways anal because she never allowed me to put inside her cunt. Not to preserve virginity and no for avoid pregnancy, she was a mature woman in mids 50 years old (still gorgeous), All she allways says was that pussy was too preccious to be penetrated, and men dont are worthy to pussy, men are inferior and just deserve the "shit pipe", so we allways do anal. I was young and dont understand very well her will for that, only obeyed, after all i liked much to have sex by her "shit pipe". She teached me to see the female pussy as a sovereign thing that exists to be worshiped, never fucked, fuck the pussy would be an abomination in her mind. And all this was passed to me, i allways was obligated to kiss and lick her hairy pussy everyday we met, and that was very arousing for me... she teached me the ways of sucking clit and most times meanwhile figered her asshole. With the dating years i realized that pussy was reserved for moments of worshiping to celebrate the female supremacy... and outside of this, in moments of pure lust, the asshole exists for fucking. When we had fucking had to be only anally to keep and save the pussy for my mouth. There was just this reason to we are anal only: save her pussy for my mouth. And this was the code i learned, ass is for fucking, and pussy was for sucking. In a complete separate contexts. Dont have to exist link between the two pratices, the cunnilingus was not a preliminary for anal, no way, cunninlingus was a pratice with an end in itelf, and when has to ahve anal was just anal, with no kisses on pussy before.

And no, she didn't rubb her clit during anal fucking, was not necessary to caress her clit to she cums from her ass. My teacher allways be able to cum from anal alone very well and loves to cum this way. She belived that each pleasure should be specifically focused on itselves. No matter how pussy craves for attention during anal fucking
... She actually liked to feel her pussy craving for attention, liked to let her cunt drips in tingles and sting by not touching during assfucking. Her idea was to let pussy burns in desire with no satisfaction, because the sting feeling in the craving needy clit turns her on so much that makes the sensation on her anus feel harder and all pleasure be most intense. The best cunt stimulus during assfucking is no stimulus, to let the pussy craving and feel the clit tingling! Is the way the pussy must participate the sex, because pussy was precious and ass is nasty, and the woman must not mix the two forms of pleasures, it would be disonorable for the venus essence of female, the vulva. "The pussy must never mix with asshole's pleasures"- is how she spoke, and i agree with this idea. To take this appeal to maximum she also liked to pump her pussy before we fuck, to make the cunt much more sensitive and swollen, and feel the deep burning tingle on her cunt. Her pussy was already too big at normal, and when pumped it seems like huge lips that was about to swallow me whole, she spoke that feel her cunt pulsing of craving... for me her big swollen pussylips was extrememelly gorgeous and hot as hell, she looked soo feminine and womanful with that huge cunt. She even laughed on me cause how crazy in horny i became for fuck her ass in missionary position while admiring her big swollen cunt pulse red in front of me... Until today i love to have anal sex with a pumped pussy woman cause the bigger her cunt turns much womanly she looks!

As i allways was obsessed with womens cunt, even my teacher who did not want stimulation in pussy during the anal, was still kind to me and sometimes let me touch her pussy during the assfucking, but not to pleasure the anal, she asked me to hurt her pussy a little bit. I still remember how she said almost whispering that I was her sex pet and could never act dominantly with her by doing things like slapping her ass or boobs ... she was the one who really used to slap me in the face and butt, but she said "there's only one place where you can hit me, its in my vagina." king kong hits his chest to show strength and superiority, my teacher hit her own pussy to show up to me, sometimes in public places she softly slapped her pussy over her pants to tease me and show "mommy's power" "... So during anal sex she allowed me to slap her pussy, she asked her to slap right at the entrance of the vaginal orifice, to be like if we said" No vaginal "," no to vaginal ". .. sometimes she also asks to pinch her clit when she was close to cum. Loved pinching and pull her clit while fucking her ass, the pain it causes made she always moan so hot and then laughed ... "Pussy is the core of womanhood, can be used to please or to hurt, and the pain that pussy gives is also hot And I like to play with both of them"- says she, and that turns me on so much. Pussy is for veneration of female, not for sex, when i was sucking on her clit i was allways clothed in a non-sexual context, was allways in the living room, in a kitchen, i never touched my dick even being horny, and we rarelly went from cunninlingus to anal. Even when i sucked hard her clit and she squirted on my face, we just kept going with me eating her sex and making her squirt over and over again until she feel satisfied, and after this she simply send me to clean my face and go on my day routine. Emphazising that this was not sex, but a type of ritual to praise her womanhood. Since i was i little boy in high school i learned to see the female as a superior figure, a clitoral being that must be worshiped, and to save the purity of ther cunt, for this all penetration has to be anally. And the anus as being a hole where she poops, when the woman obligate the man to put his organ on her turd hole it was a form of sexy humiliating for him. I allways praticed anal only in this femdom point of view... A few years latter on internet i discovered this blogs that advocates on abandonning the vaginal intercourse and dive into anal pleasures ... what seems good at first look, but...

Unfortunelly, Soon i also felt a toxic aura of veiled misoginy in their speeches... seems they say like were embracing a anal only lifestyle because they despise the vagina, and scorn the pussy! The complete opposite of my experience, and i began to feel this community was being harmful for my mental health and offending how i felt about women... I never fucked a pussy in my life because i adore pussies! Cause they are the ultimate thing in the world, and they belongs to females, so the females are so special, they have an organ between her legs that naturally exists exclusivelly to give her pleasure! How many people already stopped to think about how awsome this is?! Women are awesome creatures! They have a fucking clit! Yes, Women's asshole is sexy but still is a hole to poop, even giving her pleasure, the primary function of her asshole is to poop, and our penises also serves to urine, but clit not, it have none other function, nature create this pretty little boot exclusivelly to woman to be sexual. This organ makes the woman the most sexual creature in nature! I couldn't go along with a community that says to women not to use the organ which makes they so awsome and special. Because of that problem i stayed away this space, now i decidded to give a second chance to forum in hope to meet some cool people here that could be like-minded...

By the way, i allways was an anal only lifestyle adept, im out of this now because im single and have no girlfriend, but if i was in a relationship surely it was anal only. And when i dated i consider my relationship a 100% anal only because the girl's anus is the only source of pleasure during sex, her pussy is to other purposes as i said above. Pussy exists exclusively to be sucked in a non-sexual context, as a type of erotic ritual just to remember her how special she is for be female. But when we get naked and get into sex is just anal! Not even blowjobs, i dont like blow jobs by the way, the idea of the woman get in the knees to please me as a submissive act is so turn off, woman have to be allways on top. She is the most sexual being, she must be on top. So i think i can consider myself a enthusiast of full anal only. My motives to like anal only is:
1- For keeping of pussy sacredness
2- For the hotness of the woman orgasming from anus.
3- To punish man by his organ enter in a filthy orifice.
4- The exclusion of pregnancy, anal makes woman looks pure sexual itself. After all anal have none link with reproduction, its pure sex.

So this is it, sorry for too long relate, but i really want to know what you think about this, please comment, with you agree with some of this point of views and to talk more about. Also i would love to receive messages, especially from women if there are any there.

Anal biscuit
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Re: Being anal only naturally

Post by Anal biscuit » Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:57 am

Cool. Cool. Really appreciate your thoughts. And welcome to the forum 😊
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