Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

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Ace of Fours
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Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by Ace of Fours » Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:38 pm

Ok so here goes.
I want to share my anal "adventure" of the past few months that I have shared with my amazing wife. First maybe some extended background.
We are both in our late forties and have been married for ten years and together for fifteen. Both in pretty good shape with active lifestyles. When we met, even before we had slept together I knew she was at least open to anal sex after a cheeky comment she dropped into the conversation (whilst out in a bar) about how men aren't really very good listeners (my attention had drifted a little I think after many drinks!) but how she had noted that you tell a guy you like it in the arse and suddenly they are all ears...... at which point I was all ears!
So we have always had occasional anal and that has been enough to keep me going. I say that because anal is by far the thing that turns me on the most. When I watch porn it is always anal; when I fantasise about sex it is always anal; if I am having vag only sex and need some extra mental stimulation, I imagine I am in her ass. I've been like that since I was in my teens, thirty years ago. Honestly, I am not sure I could have ever gotten into a long relationship with a woman for whom anal is a total no go.
All that said, anal sex has also been a source of tension over the years for us. My wife has always known that it is the thing I really enjoy most and maybe a combination of seeing that as a pressure, a potential "duty" and perhaps seeing it as abnormal for me to place it above vaginal (and perhaps for HER to enjoy it as much as vaginal, when we did it) all created issues. We have had some blazing rows. One time she asked me whether, if I was forced to pick to only fuck her pussy or ass for the rest of our relationship and I told her I'd choose her ass. That really went down like a lead balloon. Blazing row. I was obsessed, weird, devaluing her as a woman etc etc. Another time, years on I bought her one of those gorgeous jewelled butt plugs. Tbh, we had some plugs in our toy drawer which she wore occasionally, this one looked so cute and I had envisaged her face lighting up on seeing it. Massive massive misjudgement. You would have thought I had laid a turd in a velvet box and given her it for Christmas! She told me this was NOT her idea of a present, it was selfish, presumptious, thoughtless, pressuring..... the accusations went on and we had a huge row that lasted hours. Weeks later, she brought up the conversation again and said she had overreacted. She said she wanted to revisit it and that maybe she would try the jewelled plug (she likes to dress up for sex with thigh length stripper heeled boots etc anyway).
Looking back, although it seemed a massive miscalculation, buying that jewelled plug was one of the best moves I ever made. When she tried it she loved how it looked so much she didn't want to take it out for sex and she started to regularly wear butt plug during sex. Ironically, for a period this meant less actual anal penetration for my cock but the feeling for us both was amazing and the fact she was almost always having something up her butt when she came I thought would pay dividends.
So, at this point, around five or six years ago, we seemed to have reached a point where the tensions around sex had largely gone. I think she had both accepted how ass focussed I am and also how much she herself likes it..... and that that is okay and we had found a balance! However, at that point we started a long process of pregnancy and then bringing up a baby coupled with two full time jobs (and a family tragedy - a close relative was murdered by another relative). I think we ended up, for maybe three years, having sex maybe once or twice each year. Seriously.
One interesting fact is that during this period she was masturbating occasionally and would let me know after (I work night shifts) and she would always use a butt plug or stick something up her bum to help bring herself off . That was a turn on for me to hear but also jst felt like she had accepted that this is something that can be as much part of every sex session as vaginal or oral and something that genuinely was not just ok for here but part of what stimulates her.
Anyway, it was only really summer of last year (2018) when we got the chance for some more regular sex. We were managing more than once a week, good hot sessions each time and, despite a certain understandable tension after such a dry spell, no tension around anal penetration and maybe half our sessions involved both me fucking her in her ass (often whilst usng a little vibe on her clit) AND her powerfully getting off to me doing it!
It was last summer that set us up for where we are now. So after the summer, work and work related drama intervened and our opportunites for sex dried up. We discussed "getting back into it" and my wife joked that I was not to expect to do her in the ass every time. My retort was along the lines of "not every time just 75% of the time". She said something then which I canot recall but effectively it was intended to suggest a lower figure but she got her "negotiation" wording phrased back to front and I responded with "ok, you win, 80% it is then!". To my delight, her response was actually to say she had better quit and accept that before it got even higher, lol! So this has become a running "joke" for us, we both lightherteadly quote the "80% target". It is all some fun and no obligation, of course, but I think she feels like me, some pride in actually striking that figure (okay, SHE feels the pride, I just feel a very lucky boy!).
So to the last few months. After the work related stress (my wife lost her job) it killed sex but we got back to it in March. We still haven't fitted as much sex as we would like but our 11 sessions (and they ARE always sessions - when we get the chance we go for it) have been very anally focussed. I think my wife has had something up her ass every single time and on nine of those occasions I have fucked her in her ass (usually after fucking her pussy whilst she has had a plug of two or three of my fingers up her ass). It has been amazing for me. She is amazing. At one point we were counting and it was 6 sessions, four of which I had fucked her anally and we were both joking each time from then about how the next times had to all incude anal to "make the percentage" because she had used up her "get out of anal free" cards! All in good fun and so far from the tensions of years back.
She is now really relaxed anally and I can penetrate her ass almost as casually as her pussy and fuck her just as hard and deep that way.
We have made some advances elsewhere as well. We have tried vaginal fisting a few times, which has turned us both on. That is something that is right at her limit but in many ways that is what makes it so exciting: it takes so much time, trust and patience and then my hand just (and I mean JUST) can fit inside her.
Then last week, on our last encounter, for probably the frst time, she properly sucked my cock straight out of her ass. I'm getting stiff typing about it tbh. This is something the thought of which I have always found very arousing (and she has known that for a long time).
Over the years she has maybe two or three times sucked me a little during or after anal. Once was very quickly just to lube my cock a bit more before she sat her ass back on me. Another time was when she needed a pee break mid anal and as she sat on the toilet peeing she sucked me before stopping and saying she had forgotten where it had just been! The last encounter was different. The background is that she goes down the gym a lot and doesn't like me to come in her ass as it presents a leak hazard (we fuck in the afternoon which is when our little boy is at school!). This is absolutely fine by me. I love for her to bring me off on her face or in her mouth anyway. Traditionally though, after anal, I would come on her boobs etc. Anyway, when she mentioned the gym issue (back in March, after the first of our encounters this years when I HAD come in her ass) I agreed to come elsewhere and never in her ass. Then a couple of months ago I specified I'd prefer to come in her mouth than on her boobs, stomach etc etc. She wasn't immediately happy with that and assumed I meant I was suggesting my cock actually going in her mouth. I said to her I didn't expect her to suck me but that I'd just shoot into her mouth when it was my time to come. So I will be honest and admit I was playing a little hopeful psychological game here, hoping that if she had my cock close to her mouth she would become comfy with the idea and end up sucking me of her own volition, probably after I came. So a couple of times I jerked myself the couple of necessary strokes into her mouth and onto her tongue. Then, the second to last time, she went to suck the tip as I was coming and I held her head back as, pretty unusually, there was a bit of squidgy shit and lube on the head of my cock. I laughed afterwards and explained to her why I had stopped her sucking me and she took it briliantly, saw the funny side and genuinely seemed to appreciate what I had done.
So, this last time, as I got closer to coming I fucked her ass extra hard and deep and then we quickly scrambled off the bed and she got on her knees in front of me. I gave her control to bring me off herself and she just went for it, licking the head as she wanked me off then as I came she took me in her mouth and sucked me clean (I was not visibly unclean this time, just glistening with lube). Then she started with a bit of dirty talk letting me know that she knew what she had just done. The last part, we went to the bathroom to clear up (after a quick kiss and hug) and as she went to put some tissues down the toilet she bent forward and explicity asked me to put it back in her arse one last time, while I was still a bit hard, because she wanted to suck it out her ass again!
For me this is a new heaven. All this anal and now she is doing this other thing she knows turns me on. Clearly doing it turned her on and it also opens up anal sex a bit. Before, anal was a one way train. Vaginal and anal could follow oral; oral or anal could follow vaginal but anal was always (for that session) a road of no return.

Not sure where things progress from here. Tbh, if nothing ever evolved or went further but stayed like this I'd be more than happy anyway. I know this is an "anal only" forum but I am not sure that is a path we will end up down. It isn't a massive desire for me ayway, I'd love it to be "anal always" but doesn't need to be "anal only". That said, if she decided that she wanted to go that path, whilst I may miss vaginal as an alternative if we never did it, probably the sheer erotic thrill of knowing that when we fuck it is always and only in her ass would overpower that. I cannot see that though: she enjoys vaginal sex a lot especially as it is almost always now with a plug up her ass and a little vibe on her clit.
As for the ass to mouth, I will just have to see where that goes. She seemed very enthusiastic and relaxed and I can see that becoming regular. I hope she becomes happy with it mid fuck and not just when I come as that opens up an array of possibilities for us to mix things up (though she is very infection conscious vaginally so whether she will trust I am clean enough to go anal-oral-vaginal I mnot sure....but I caan hope!). Also, I won't hold her back if she wants to take me in her mouth on those occasions where I am not quite so clean..... but that needs to be her decision. I think the idea of her "cleaning my cock" arouses her but this is her limit and I respect that. If she chooses to do that it will be with my cock in her hand with her in control, it won't be me tricking her into it or allowing her to do it blindly.

Sorry this is so long. I have browsed and lurked this forum for a year or two and enjoyed reading other people's situations and thought others may find my experiences interesting :-) Maybe for some people to see how we have advanced even after years of marriage to a place where we are BOTH happier; that our desires have come closer together and how my wife has become comfy with the idea that she is aroused by something that isn't "how you are supposed to do it", even if that has been a rocky journey, will be good for them to hear.

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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by analogue » Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:45 am

Yes! I did it, i read the full story :P

Nice story man (except the murder).

We are in a quite similar situation: same age, kids, full time jobs etc. Say, how do you manage birth control?
For us, especially my wife, this was a major benefit of the anal only lifestyle. The hormones killed almost her libido.
Now everything is better: more desire, more fun, more orgasms, more sex, no worries.

Hope i could help a little ...

Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow ...

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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by Canassman » Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:32 pm

Thanks for posting your journey thus far. I could really relate to it. My wife and I used to have tension and arguments around sex. As we moved to abt 80% Anal for years it was still an issue. Finally after we made the commitment to go AO it all ceased. The tension was always around what each others expectations were, how were we going to start, to finish, etc. Now we have more frequent sex, are closer, more affectionate, sex is more intimate, and we both regularly comment on how we are having the best sex of our lives. Hoping things keep going well for you both.

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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by aredeejay3001 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:27 am

I come from a very similar situation and demographic: mid 40s, married almost 15 years now. I’ve long wished for anal to be part of my marriage and magically it’s happened! I’ve detailed the path that my wife and I took in my own Introduction thread (viewtopic.php?t=18630)

I’ve wondered if I should have made a push for anal earlier but your descriptions of “blazing rows” makes me think maybe everything happened as it should have for us. I know the birth of child #1 (of 3) obviously shifted our time and commitments. We also went months without sex during those years.

It was after a loss of a parent (not as tragic as your circumstances), that we started making this commitment to new bedroom adventures.

I’m intrigued by the whole “ass to mouth” thing and initially thought there’s no way my wife would go for that. But then I think about how quickly things have changed with us. When I first rimmed my wife last year as a stand alone experience and then moved up to just kiss her neck, she jokingly shifted away and issued warnings about hygiene. One year later, we haven’t gone anal only and still have plenty of vaginal sex, but I’ve taken to pacing myself by withdrawing from her pussy to do some deep tongueing of her ass as a break. Just the other night after a few rounds of this, as I got back to pounding her pussy (with my finger in her ass), she eagerly engaged in some deep kissing. And I knew she hadn't forgotten about the ass licking, so I think it was giving her a thrill. So who knows, maybe she’d be up for ass to mouth in future?

I agree with Canassman: this openness to anal has been so good for us as a couple. More closeness, more tenderness, definitely more arousal on my wife’s part. Enjoy it all and good luck!

Ace of Fours
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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by Ace of Fours » Wed Jun 10, 2020 6:01 pm

I wanted to update this.

So we have kept progressing sexually. Of the last dozen times we have had sex (due to various factors this is still only perhaps twice a month) all of them have ended with me penetrating her anally before (on all but one occasion) finishing in her mouth.
Good times and what is better is that we seem to have moved beyond any uncertainty over whether our sex will include anal. It now seems to be taken for granted that sex will include anal. This seems to have taken a lot of the pressure and uncertainty out of our couplings and we laugh and joke and are definitely more relaxed rhan at any time.
However, what prompted this update was that I realised yesterday, after another wonderful session, that vaginal penetration has largely transformed just into a part of foreplay. Thinking back, on almost every recent occasion vaginal penetration accompanies using a vibrator on her clit (and usually a plug in her rectum) and is very slow and sensual with me effectively knelt in front of her gently and slowfy fucking her pussy whilse she enjoys the vibrator and an orgasm or two.
It is really only after this, when we switch to anal,, that our bodies entwine and we fuck one another, or swap between different positions (as well as bringing her off whilst I am in her butt)
For me, that is a really arousing thought, that vaginal sex is now just more a part of foreplay and that our actual "fucking" is almost totally anal only.

Ace of Fours
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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by Ace of Fours » Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:21 am

Our journey continues here after a few more months of infrequent but amazing sex. We have been together now for about sixteen years but it feels like sex is coming together for us now like never before.

So this is my "progress report":

We really have progressed now to an expectation that sex will involve anal every time. So much so my wife does whatever is necessary to make sure she is empty back there and available - she wants to do it as much as I do which really turns me on and is so amazing that we are both on the same wavelength. This year so far we have never had vag-only sex and I don't see that changing.

The biggest change since my last post is that on a couple of recent occasions she has been unable to orgasm until I switched to penetrating her anally. She enjoys being fisted (vaginally) but on each occasions she was so close to coming (through fisting or vaginal sex and using a Hitachi wand) but it was only when I switched to her asshole that I could push her over the edge... and each time she came three or four times with me in her ass! Heaven!

We had a bit of a break from sex for six weeks through illness and then she had an operation to stretch her urethra (she gets bladder infections). Yesterday was our first sex back and she wasn't fully recovered and as soon as I inserted into her pussy it hurt (right at the start of foreplay). Well, this led to our first all anal session. What a turn on and what a session! After a little oral she wanted me to finger her asshole. Actually this is something we do fairly rarely nowadays as she usually wears a butt plug throughout sex prior to my cock entering her rear (except when I am fisting her pussy as it gets in the way). Before long one finger turned to two, to three, to four and then I put my thumb in also. I wondered if that would be a bit much for her but she told me not to back off ("be gentle with the front (she meant her clit) but not with the back" is what she said) so I kept stretching out her asshole. We were some way off actually fisting but it was still a real stretching for her and she came three times with this and the Hitachi wand. Actually at one point she said "don't put your whole hand in" (as if I could!) and to my response of "oh no, I wasn't going to" she responded "I don't mind you trying in the future but not until I have recovered from the operation" so, who knows, I can see her getting off more in the future from me stretching her back hole the way she likes to be stretched vaginally.

Finally, she has become totally cool with sucking my cock straight out of her ass, which is amazing. I nearly always finish in her mouth now. On one occasion two months ago when I came in her ass, as soon as I withdrew from her butt she asked me to give her my cock and she told me she wanted to "clean me" with her mouth. Certainly what I had hoped on my first post here is now my reality and going anal is not a one way path anymore and we can intersperse it with oral.

Best sexual time of my life and it just seems to be getting better and better between us! I am still not sure we will end up AO but if we did it would sure solve a lot of problems (infections etc which she has been prone her whole life) ... but she needs to arrive at that idea for herself, that isn't something I would feel happy pressuring her towards.

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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by Samy » Sat Oct 10, 2020 6:38 am

It's moving and exciting to read your progress, it's great to see how anal is making things better for you (as it should)!

Switching to anal only would certainly solve her problems. Without pressuring her, did you suggest it would be better for her?

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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by hasani2222 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:32 pm

Thanks for sharing your sex history in such detail. It's always amazing to me just how much variation occurs in the way couples come to adopt, if not appreciate the AO lifestyle. It's awesome that you and your wife are on the same page, not just anal but also ass-to-mouth. That's a great stage to be at, lucky man!

As a hardcore ass man, my top blowjob is an ass-to-mouth bj. I had an ex that loved to "clean" my cock after a hard anal session. She would slobber and tongue bathe my cock up and down the shaft moaning and sniffing. This is after cumming in her mouth. It's the best feeling ever. With many women, I've also applied the technique you have, by asking to come in her mouth and bringing my cock right next to her lips. Almost always its an automatic lick and suck... curiosity leading to more. With some women that I think that might be hesitant, I tell her to suck my balls while I jerk off until I cum on her face or tits. With the vigorous assfucking I give, there's bound to be some ass juice on my ballsack.

Once women feel comfortable smelling and testing the unique cock/anal/cum flavors, I've found they really enjoy it and feel a little embarrassed. I continue the encouragement to explore and make sure to express my satisfaction verbally. "You like how your ass tastes, don't you... keep sucking...such a good girl." "I want to feel you lick right there....get all of it...fuck yes." "Clean my cock real good...you like that tasty ass juice" Over time it becomes a regular thing....never mundane, always sexy as fuck, making me rock hard and wanting more ass to tear up.

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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by LuvMyWifesAss » Mon Oct 12, 2020 8:25 am

Samy wrote:
Sat Oct 10, 2020 6:38 am
Switching to anal only would certainly solve her problems. Without pressuring her, did you suggest it would be better for her?

I agree with Samy. It was my wife who suggested we go anal only. When we talked about it, we both realized how both of us would have preferred to do it much sooner, but were both afraid to ask the other.

My suggestion is, don't waste time with vaginal sex when you could be anal only. Let her know how you feel and ask her if she's be willing to try anal only for a month and see how it goes.

As far as ass to mouth, that's great. I was always afraid to ask my wife. When I finally did, she didn't hesitate to say yes. I couldn't believe it. Now, it's a rare occasion she doesn't go ass to mouth several times during a session. We even have an after sex ritual, where I get a warm soapy wash cloth to clean her ass off. While I do this, she cleans my cock with her mouth. We both find it highly erotic.

Ace of Fours
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Re: Our Journey to (almost) "anal always"

Post by Ace of Fours » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:32 pm

So I have seen a few people post a few statistics for the past year so I thought I would do the same.

Take account that our history up to the birth of our son was fairly regular and varied sex with some issues along the way (see original post). We had anal sex occasionally and as a bone of contention for us with a lot of tension surrounding whether we would or would not do it and our different expectations.

Following our son being born we barely had sex at all for the first two years (busy/tired/stress etc) and then gradually working our way back over the next four years to now. Sex has since then been way more anal than before with maybe half of occasions for the next two years including my penis in her ass and otherwise her wearing a plug for most of it.
So 2019 we had a fair uptick in sex (for us, still takes some fitting in!) and in 11 out of our 13 encounters we included anal.
Last year we took it up another notch and we ended up with 18/18! Still low in terms of the amount of sex we are getting (illness and operations didn't help) but it is fair to say now that anal, whilst not being anal-only, is the main focus of every sexual encounter and my wife now casually says "what is the point?" to the idea of having sex on those days where she feels anal may not be a possibility!
She is definitely having more orgasms than ever before and i think that is almost totally attributable to the anal penetration. She enjoys me stretching and fisting her pussy but even then it is a lot tougher to bring her off than if I stretch her other hole out. The last couple of encounters (this january, we are 2/2 so far for 2021) it has ended up with vag fisting her whilst she uses a hitachi wand on her clit swapping to me just focussing on stretching her asshole instead as this seems to take her over the edge again and again.

I am a happy boy!

I hear the comments posted re-anal only but I must say again that is her choice and if we go there it will be on her suggestion. We are in a great place right now and we are both getting the sex we want. Our sex is ass-focused and she happily acknowledges that to me outside of the bedroom which makes us feel like we are the most in tune with one another we have ever been :-)

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