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Hello All

Post by 2peasinapod4fun » Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:37 am

Just joined site and introducing .

I am widowed and partner is divorced. We have been together for just over 3 years now. I have always wanted to have more anal (duh) than deceased wife wanted and new partner is exploring that with me whole heartedly.

We are not by any means anal only but it is getting very close to that . Most all vaginal insertion is fingers only and maybe 1 in 20 times of intercourse does it include vaginal penetration. I still have a lot of social pre programming to get out of in that when she REQUESTS straight to anal I am still shocked.

Partner is able to have multiple wrenching orgasms through anal only with ZERO clit stimulation and she admits the anal orgasms are 10X more intense than vaginal. She is so accustomed to anal stimulation now that when I use coconut oil suppositories she comes within 30 seconds with just a finger in her ass inserting the suppositories.

One concern I guess I have is she has a lot of digestive issues the day after anal. Is this somewhat normal? I have asked if we need to stop due to not wanting to "hurt her" but she insists hell no the orgasms are worth the effort.

Has anyone else had these digestive issues and is it common and if so how did you maybe overcome them.

Glad to have found this forum and to possibly be a part of it.

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