Glad I found this site!

New to the forum? Introduce yourself to the other members of the community. Share a little bit about yourself and your anal only experience and motivations.
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Glad I found this site!

Post by Freja » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:32 am


I’m Freja, 18 years old from Sweden, I’ve been reading this forum for a while so decided to join.
I first had anal sex about 2 years ago, it started that way because I was in bed with a guy I dated and we didn’t have condoms, and I’m not on birth control so in the heat of the moment we decided to try anal, and realised that we both loved it.
And so that turned into our “regular” sex and we never really talked about moving on to vaginal sex because we both enjoyed it.
We broke up half a year ago and I’m kinda seeing another guy now and we have kept it at anal too, he’s happy because he doesn’t have to wear a condom and I’m happy because it feels so good.

At this point it has almost become a “thing” for me that I haven’t had vaginal sex yet and it seems like it will stay like that for a while, the guy I’m seeing thinks it’s hot fucking with a “virgin” and my friends think it’s cool that I’m anal only.

Don’t really have any questions, just wanted to share with some apparently like minded people and join in since I’ve been a reader here for a while 👋🏻✌🏻

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by Danceny » Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:22 am

Hi Freja, welcome to the site. It sounds like you’ve found what you enjoy, and I only wish more women did the same. When I was much younger I had a girlfriend like you and she opened my eyes to a world of pleasure.

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by Sphincter.Stretcher » Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:39 am

Hey Freja!

Glad you found this forum. Looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences. Please feel free to ask and share anything you wish!

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by julietagc » Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:54 am

Hello, welcome :) I am always glad to see more women with similar tastes here, even in this forum we are few.

About what you shared, my personal recommendation is that at some moment you try vaginal sex, what I will say may bother people in this forum but I dont care.

Many guys here will love the idea that you are anal only and vaginal virgin, but as a woman I advise you to try both, to try everything that doesn't make you disgust, enjoy your sexuality, trying new things. Once you've tried anal and vaginal sex, or both at the same time, then you can really decide what you like best.

I also started with anal sex before vaginal but I tried both and went through different stages until now, being AO.
Some guys will also be excited to know that even knowing vaginal sex you prefer anal, but you will not know that until you try. ;)
"break my ass not my heart" ;)

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by Freja » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:56 pm

Thanks all and of course I’ll try vaginal sex at some point, just probably not in the near future at least ✌🏻
If you have any questions feel free to reply in this thread or send me a message 🙌🏻

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by SydneyAussie » Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:25 pm

Really nice going Freja.

It's up to you to have vaginal sex. Though being anal only and a vaginal virgin is something extremely special so I think you shouldn't be pressured to have vaginal sex or doing any you might you regret.

Both my wife and I have learnt valuable lessons. We were having vaginal sex in the beginning of our relationship and after a while it became vaginal with anal finish. Finally my wife had to ask me to stop starting with her vagina and get straight into her ass, she told me that she felt it was wasting her time as she orgasms a lot better anally. I thought mistakenly that I was doing the right thing after having read about how females said to start with the vagina to "warm up" and then move to anal... She told me that was rubbish and that if a woman knows what she wants then why bother starting with the vagina when the main event is really anal.

She also admitted that her vagina is less sensitive and she can feel me better anally plus she gets to grip with her ass for intense orgasm. And she always has her biggest orgasm after we have had a good amount of anal and she builds me up to an intense ejaculation in her ass. She convulses and it's super super intense for both of us... vagina didn't do this for either of us. She told me "once she took it in the backdoor, she'll never go back to front"... We tried vaginally a few times... I tried twice and then even once at her suggestion but with disappointing results... she asked me to stop and said it's the wrong hole and told me to change holes or stop... she openly stated that her ass is much better for sex.

Honestly, we both regret not being anal only from the beginning, it really affects our level of intimacy, relationship and happiness. So if you are happy and partner, don't be forced into something you might regret. My wife is very opinionated and bossy... and she's anal only and said she will only have vaginal to make a baby.
True Happiness is a being with a Woman who is Anal Only

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by BlueMan » Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:47 am

Hi Freja...

Your story is hot... And that moment in the life of experiment with your body is unforgettable, enjoy it... My only advice would be, to use your vag, soy you´ll know yourself better... And if you are planning to have anal sex with a new partner, always choose open-minded and generous men... Don't forget to use condoms STDs aren't cool

Have fun

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by Samy » Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:54 am

Why would she use something she doesn't care for? She and her partners enjoy the fact she's a vaginal virgin, so why ruin it for no reason?

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by TheRealWay » Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:43 pm

I agree that your story is hot in general. I also agree with everyone who encourages you to explore your body fully too - but only insofar as you should be comfortable with your body and may find other things you enjoy - not because there is anything wrong with enjoying being anal-only. Indeed I too find the whole vaginal-virgin anal-experienced dichotomy very erotic.

Personally I've always enjoyed fetishizing the tension between the "good girl"/"virgin" and "bad girl"/"slut" and the tradition of observant religious girls here "saving" their vaginas while being anally and orally promiscuous has always appealed greatly.

That fetish aside - more power to you for doing exactly what works for you. There truly is no "normal" - only that which works for you.

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Re: Glad I found this site!

Post by analogue » Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:12 am

Hej @Freja and welcome

i'm pleased to hear that young people today have such a relaxed approach to anal sex.

Stay healthy an enjoy ...
Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow ...

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