Hello from Dubai!

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Hello from Dubai!

Post by Yungpharaoh » Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:03 pm

Hi there!

I can’t believe I found this forum! I thought I was the only one!

First off I am 31 year old straight male who absolutely doesn’t not like vagina I have no idea how that makes any sense but that’s who I am. I tried to love vagina all my life but have miserably failed and the only way I could penetrate it is through imagining it was an asshole! I also don’t like men that way (tried that too). I thought this was all due to porn and my exposure to it however for as long as I can remember I’ve loved the thought of anal, even before I was exposed to porn and I have also loved women and all part of them except that one tiny little detail, vagina! - I have only been in 2 committed relationships (one that mostly anal and another that was not so) as you can imagine the first one was a lot happier than the second one. I feel that I am at crossroads, I want to have a steady girlfriend that enjoys an AO lifestyle and at the same time I’m looking to maybe have a family in the near future. I realize that these two combined are near impossible to find and I also realize this isn’t a dating site (anyone living in dubai by any chance?!) but I needed to get all the above off my chest!

Thanks for reading and I’ll likely be a frequent on this site.

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Re: Hello from Dubai!

Post by Munchkin86 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:57 am

Welcome, we’re glad you found this place!

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Re: Hello from Dubai!

Post by susieo » Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:37 am

Welcome, I also am new....sounds like you are in the right place.

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