Hey there!

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Hey there!

Post by skyle1989 » Sun Dec 20, 2020 10:56 am

Hey Everyone.

So nice to find like-minded people, and that there's a place to talk about this stuff. I've read some posts, and everyone seems super respectful, and it's a community that I really want to be a part of.

My name is Shaun and I'm 28 years old.

I've been dating my girlfriend for two years now. We actually had anal sex on our second date. My GF explained that it was 'that time of the month', but that she would love it if I fucked her ass. So I gave her a long, deep butt massage before I licked out her butt. She then took me slowly, groundhog style, and I fucked her ass until we both came. It was great, super intimate, and it really turned me on having anal so soon into a relationship.

I previously enjoyed anal sex in a previous relationship - she would always come with my cock in her pussy, but she always wanted me to finish in her butt everytime we had sex.

With my current GF, we enjoyed ass-fucking a lot in the early days, but we haven't done it in over a year now. I've noticed that our sex has become a little mechanical, still very enjoyable, but it feels like we've settled into a rhythm of more vanilla sex. I LOVE anal, especially spending a lot of time rimming her ass before penetration. My girl has a gorgeous butt, and I'd like to spend more time worshipping it.

I'd love to get some advice on talking to her about wanting to include that in our sex life again. She can orgasm from anal sex, and has always done so most times that we've performed it, and she's opened up to me about being fucked in the ass in a previous relationship. She always asks me to finger her butthole just as she's about to cum, which is great (for the both of us!).

Has anyone been in a similar position here? It feels a little unusual, as I've been in relationships before where anal is used to 'spice things up in the bedroom' further down the line.

I love my GF, so it isn't a deal-breaker if we don't have anal sex again, but I just remember it giving us both a lot of joy in the first year of our relationship. Nostalgia!

Any advice on how to approach this is very welcome.

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Re: Hey there!

Post by Munchkin86 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 9:48 am

Lots of Communication, share you feelings of “mechanical sex” with her, and how much you enjoy taking the time to please her anally. Keep trying, if she enjoys it she will come around. ;)

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