Excited to be part of the community

New to the forum? Introduce yourself to the other members of the community. Share a little bit about yourself and your anal only experience and motivations.
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Excited to be part of the community

Post by ObedientAvocado » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:58 am

Hi everyone!

I actually discovered this site about a year ago but I decided to finally make a profile on here. Just as a lot of other people have said, it's really great to be able to be a part of a community of so many like-minded people and to not feel so alone about what we like.

A bit about me, Im 25 years old from Chicago. I don't really know why, but I have always only been interested in anal sex. For the first few years after puberty I honestly felt like I was asexual or something was wrong with me because I was attracted to women but the thought of traditional sex did absolutely nothing for me. However, everything changed when I saw anal porn for the first time. It was like I finally found what I had spent years looking for, and it was all I would think about when it came to sex.

Throughout high school and into my early 20s, every girl I had ever dated had either no experience or interest in anal, so unfortunately I would have to have PIV sex for the first good portion of the relationship. I always hated this and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable or self-conscious if the girl could tell I wasn't really turned on at all. While in some realationships it took longer than others, I've luckily been able to convince ever girl I've been with to do anal at some point. I don't know if it's because I've been patient enough to go slow at first or something else, but every girl I have done this with eventually loved it and even asked for it.

That being said, none of them had been completely committed to anal only and I personally don't believe in forcing or encouraging someone to do something they aren't totally comfortable with because I know how that feels. After a few bad relationships, I decided to be anal only when I was about to turn 23. I was lucky enough to have had one anal-only relationship already that lasted for awhile, but we decided to break up because outside of sex we had too many differences. I've also met some like-minded women on forums that were legit (we had video called each other) but that was all that came of that.

My point is, I've noticed that there are a lot of people on here who have been discouraged by the lack of people by them who are interested in living anal-only, but they are definitely out there :) I'm just happy I found this site and I look forward to posting more and being a part of the community here! Life is too short to deny ourselves of what makes us truly happy.

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Re: Excited to be part of the community

Post by Canassman » Sat Jan 09, 2021 3:15 pm

Welcome to the forum. I can’t help but feel that it’s best to be compatible and in love with someone first (who’s at least open to anal sex), with whine you build a loving relationship in which you want to make each other happy pm before you can explore increasing anal, or an AO relationship. Best wishes

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Re: Excited to be part of the community

Post by DaddyD_420 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:21 am

Hi OA, welcome! It sounds like you have a very mature perspective for a young man, best of luck to you!!

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Re: Excited to be part of the community

Post by Sphincter.Stretcher » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:22 am

Welcome to the forum @ObedientAvocado !

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