Yet another hello

New to the forum? Introduce yourself to the other members of the community. Share a little bit about yourself and your anal only experience and motivations.
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Yet another hello

Post by Ffluffy » Fri Apr 16, 2021 3:03 pm

Happy Friday, folks,

Long time lurker, but finally decided to create an account, and, since I've started posting, I should probably introduce myself (although male introductions are hardly scarce here and are unlikely to excite a lot of people :lol:)

I'm a 30-something guy from Europe. I've been fascinated with all things butts and anal since I remember having interest in sex at all. I have no idea why, I had no porn/Internet access back then, but I fantasized about girls' butts and experimented with my own. Later I learnt the "proper" anatomy of the sexual intercourse and gained some real-life experience, and while I didn't dismiss the pleasures of vaginal and oral sex, I still felt like the anus is the proper place to penetrate, or at least to cum into (jokes aside, during the poorer uni years a girl would sometimes suggest/agree to anal simply as a contraception measure if we didn't have/couldn't buy condoms).

It took some time to meet a woman who would enjoy and/or prefer anal, and it was an eye-opening experience: so it is real, and not a male porn fantasy, there are women who like it in the butt, who can come from anal stimulation.
With time my anal addiction only grew stronger; like, if opening a random porn video I'd see a PIV act I'd close it, frustrated, because "wrong hole!".
Alas, in real life heterosexual anal is still not widely available/accepted, and due to the stigma it's not something you usually discuss on the first date, so finding a partner can be a hard/long task.

I'm glad I've found this blog and forum, and the like-minded people who visit here.
For me, the focus in the "anal-only" is on the first word; I'd accept an AOL-relationship if my partner would be into it, but it's not something I'd insist on myself (unlike just having anal, which is a must).

My other fantasy is to try anal on the receiving end. I don't think I'm really bi, but I find the idea quite hot, this is something from my general fascination with butts. There was a time in my life when I played a lot with mine, and while I never learnt to cum from anal stimulation, I like it (plus I learnt a lot about penetration, angles, stretching, lubes, etc on my own experience, which helped me successfully introduce girlfriends to anal). I did try pegging with a couple of girls, but it didn't do anything for me really.

Then, there are hotwife fantasies... But it's offtopic here, I guess :)

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