Let's do a big bang! literally :P

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Let's do a big bang! literally :P

Post by goofup21 » Mon May 31, 2021 6:52 pm

Hi Team,
I'm here to see how all people lead their AO lifestyle. I am recently single but was AO for an year.
Me and AO ex-gf ended it a couple months ago. Our usual was twice daily for about a year, with much more on weekends. We were almost AO as she liked something in her vag as well from time to time. Most of the times we used to push a dildo up in her vagina, and sometimes we had regular romantic PiV sex. You know, the good 'ol making love. Sometimes we used to be so aggressive that a gag couldn't reduce our noise, lol.

In all, we found pleasure and fun in Anal and exploring more and more ways to make it enjoyable for the both of us. We were a lot into sleeping with my dick inside her ass all night and edging ourselves that way. Sometimes we let others(on reddit) control our sex play and engaged in teasing, a little pain, kink, DP and piss play.

One thing we didn't explore a lot of, and I am here to do is, to explore the world of anal toys and learning how to properly use lube. I don't take it myself, but for the future partner.
On that point, if anyone is from SF Bay Area or US West Coast in general on here, would love to talk/meet/explore stuff together and form new connection if it leads to that. I'm 30 and can host, and I also like to travel around a lot to keep life balanced!

Have fun and bang big guys!

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