FTM transgender AO

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FTM transgender AO

Post by FTMforeverplugged » Tue Aug 10, 2021 2:07 pm

Greetings fron South Africa. I am a man of trans experience who is new to the AO lifestlye and have been interested many years. As i have gender dysphoria about my vagina and I live as a gay man AO fantasies have not been new. They provide me with feeling better about myself plus I am an anal whore which works perfectly.

I am now day 3 anal training. I wear my butt plug as long as I can. I do suffer from hemorrhoids but I have found anal and plugs to help strengthen the muscles.

I am entering into an online D/s relationship in which my rules include the goal to wearing the butt plug 247 and anal twice to three times a day.

Hugs and happy anal sessions!

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