Greetings from Midwestern USA! Any good tips/advice would be much appreciated.

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Greetings from Midwestern USA! Any good tips/advice would be much appreciated.

Post by Butthole Pleaser » Sat Sep 25, 2021 5:59 am

Hello there, anal experts/enthusiasts! I am a male from the Midwestern part of the United States and I have just turned 19(today!) :D . I have recently heard the term "anal only lifestyle" being used on the internet. Upon seeing the usage of this term, I became very intrigued by the concept of it and began to do a bit more research on the anal only lifestyle. Such terminology would naturally pique my interest as someone who is a very frequent, and nearly exclusive viewer of anal porn. I've been very into anal ever since I was 13 which is when I first started watching a ton of anal porn. So, after doing just a little bit of research around the net with this erotically fascinating term typed into the search bar, I stumbled across this website.

The primary reason why I would want to lead a lifestyle consisting solely of anal sex is because of my fascination and love for the female human buttocks. I very much love nearly every aspect of a woman's rear. I especially love the appearance of the anus including the circular shape, the circumference, how many ridges are in it, how puckered it looks in its resting state, how deep and massive it looks when it is gaped, etc. I also really love the way a woman's butt cheeks are individually shaped(symmetrically of course), and the general shape that both butt cheeks make together in conjunction with other parts of her body such as her hips and legs. The natural smell of a woman's butt also seems like it would be a very erotic aroma. I'm also very interested in the idea of a woman's butthole being penetrated past the rectum and reaching the colon. Whenever I notice any kind of woman that I find attractive, my mind almost instantly jumps to fantasies of doing anal related sexual activities with someone like her as opposed to anything vaginal.

To my knowledge, a vagina is very strong. But the glutes are much larger and even stronger.
Also from what I've heard, the anal sphincters and rectum tend to feel tighter than the vagina. I'm sure that this is correct.

It is because of all of the above reasons that I believe I would very thoroughly enjoy this lifestyle, in which I adhere strictly to the practices of anal sex and other forms of sexual activity primarily centered around the stimulation, admiration, and penetration of the anus, that being the anal only lifestyle.

The only problem is that I am not quite sure how or when I would arrive at a point in my life where I am able to bring the fantasy of such a lifestyle to fruition. The primary reason for this would be my lack of ability to find a sexual partner who would be interested in the anal only lifestyle, or to find any kind of sexual partner at all for that matter. This has been a great frustration of mine for a very long time, but I have subsequently gotten to a point where I've come to terms with my currently sexless life. Now, as someone who still has their virginity, I am more or less apathetic about it.

However, if my sex life were more ideal, then these are some of the terms that I and a female sexual partner would agree upon. I would ideally like to establish a sexual relationship with a female partner, in which I take up a penetrative(giving) role and my partner, the role of being penetrated(receiving). This general dynamic of the relationship would apply to multiple different sexual activities outside of just the penetration of one party's anal cavity by the other party's own genitalia, all of which would revolve around one party's anus. The party that takes the penetrative role would also perform all other sex acts revolving around the anus on the party taking the role of being penetrated during penetrative sex.

That being said, I am not necessarily interested in the traditionally accepted ideas about the primary roles in penetrative sex, which I will call the 'deeper meanings' behind these roles. Those being the automatically assigned additional roles of the penetrating party as the one who is dominant and the party that is being penetrated as the one who is submissive. These additional roles that are seen as being inherently applicable to the conventional two parties of penetrative sex are for the most part, a defacto rule of mainstream society and even most sexual communities. I believe that the act of penetration being seen as an inherently dominant role and the act of being penetrated being seen as an inherently submissive one is related to society's traditional beliefs about the gender roles of men and women. Although this general notion is widespread in the gay community as well, I personally think a lot of it can be traced back to heteronormative gender roles.

According to the terms that I and a female partner would establish, I would prefer for the party that is being penetrated to be the one that takes the dominant role. There is a term for this that is most frequently used within the gay community and it is called a 'power bottom'. There is also another term that refers to the penetrating party taking a more submissive role, that to my knowledge, is most frequently used within some part of the LGBTQ+ community as well. One of the most popular terms for this is a 'service top'. Being someone who is heterosexual, I would ideally be looking for the female equivalent of a power bottom and I would be the one who is the service top. The sexual activities that would be performed between the two of us would be rimjobs, fisting, ass worship, large insertions, enemas that could involve one out of a variety of different liquids at a time or even a mixture of multiple liquids, anal gaping by means of the usage of sex toys or one's own genitals, and of course penetrative sex using one's own genitals.

Even though these are my ideal terms, I would be open to negotiation with a potential partner as well. Since true sexual fulfillment requires a reciprocal team effort between all parties involved.

Thank you, members of the Anal Only Lifestyle Forum for taking the time out of your day to read my post. Happy anal.

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