Anybody from South Florida??

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Anybody from South Florida??

Post by Hornyandcurious » Mon Sep 27, 2021 7:29 pm

Hey there!! I'm a European girl who lives in America. If you live in South Florida like me and are curious or experienced in this lifestyle, I’m happy and curious to chat! Feel free to DM me.
This is an excellent forum that’s very stimulating and insightful. I must say, it’s been a strong contributor to my anal-only lifestyle curiosity.
I’m a single girl who loves to play with my ass and big butt plugs. Thanks to this forum and other platforms, a while ago, I started training my ass myself for long periods of time without touching my pussy at all. As many people have explained here, I guess my body has adjusted and redirected the pleasure centers to my ass, and now I'm able to have purely anal orgasms. If I start fucking my ass deep, hard, and fast, here we go!!!!!! They feel absolutely incredible and earth-shattering!!! Super intense and always leave me dripping and wanting more…
I’m currently single and in my fantasy, we’ll do anal-only sessions, days, weeks, and maybe even months with my partner to spice things up and explore. Don’t know if I’ll ever give up my pussy completely because it’s a great one, I love her and it does give me lots of pleasure - but I’m definitely wide open to those types of kinky and spicy adventures.
I’m a very sexual person so this anal-only obsession is definitely up there on my list.
Hit me up and let’s get to know each other. ;)
Please be respectful.

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Re: Anybody from South Florida??

Post by FLguy » Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:00 am

Hey! I live in South Florida and it sounds perfect to me! Let’s see if we can make your fantasies become a reality for you ;)

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Re: Anybody from South Florida??

Post by Json.s » Wed Oct 06, 2021 1:18 pm

Hey I'm from FL as well. Ive been a lurker in this form for a while since I find it has really good information and topics. I'm open to all communication so feel free to message me if you'd like. :D

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Re: Anybody from South Florida??

Post by manfrotto » Thu Oct 07, 2021 10:41 pm

I am from Central FL and the wife and I have been AO for the greater part of our marriage. I would love to chat about your AO thoughts. Feel free to DM me.

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