I am an size queen anal whore who loves dildos

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I am an size queen anal whore who loves dildos

Post by Analwhoreemily » Tue Jan 04, 2022 9:15 pm

Allow me to start by clearly addressing the following points, first off even if remotely lived near me I should have found you already on one of those fetish personal sites looking for like minded people to hook up with for a personal relationship with over the years. Even if you found me on one of those sites, I would first be interested in your knowledge of things and your ability to communicate with me about things like anal, dildos, enemas and so much more. Make no mistake, just because I identify as many things including being a rubber sex doll for my partner, I am still only interested in people who know what they themselves enjoy are and who can clearly communicate their own thoughts and desires to another. As with all things, you do not start out a pro, rather you start with the desire to learn, to grow and to move forward towards an end goal. I am simply interested in someone who is at least willing to expand their own minds, as I will later get into and share how my own personal friendship and play experiences open my eyes and helped me to grow and expand my abilities to get in touch with my own inner feelings, my own inner desires and how I grew to being the way I am capable of being today.

While this is not a story, but it is lengthy and hopefully worth your time to read, or I can assure you that you won't be worth my time to talk to. Communication is key to everything. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Details make all the difference in the world. You can't do the work if you don't have the tools. With that being said I am going to get into my introduction into who I am, why I am here, and present the reasonings of why I am perhaps here pouring my most inner self out.

Before I came looking for the topics and thing that lead me to this specific website, I first started with a lot of deep inner soul searching and taking a hard look at where I started with things in life and how did I find myself at this point in my life, to addressing where I am going to set my future goals of where I want to be and grow from future experiences. Looking back over my entire lifetime. I've always been into the overwhelming extremely intense feelings and emotions of anal play, looking back over the course of my life I can say that it has even literally controlled personal choices, desires and goals with people and things I've seriously pursued. I started discovering a lot about myself as I continued to dig into my own past history of choices and things, to be quite truthful it was a eye opening shocking experience to make some certain connections. However you can't truly have growth if you aren't going to be willing to look at everything and accept whatever truths you discover there.

For years I thought personal one on one play or multiple play partners was the best way to go for the most intense and perhaps best anal experiences possible, and that online play was absolutely worthless, and you were better off masturbating alone. Always hunting for a play partner in person on all those websites for singles looking for someone into... I kept putting myself out there.. Always finding plenty of people who would tell you what you wanted to hear, but in the end never measuring up to their own claims. At a certain point I accidently stumbled across someone on an chat application who wanted to play online, no video or audio.. just your written words. Like many people, I felt like this was going to be a waste of time for us both, but she sent me a couple of photos of herself with a dildo ready for action outside of her body, and asked what she should do for it for my pleasure. Well.. I gave her some simple and straight forward commands about making sure it was plenty wet with lube and how I'd love for her to start putting it right to work on opening that tight hole up for my pleasure. Instead of it simply being a quick.. stuff the dildo in your asshole and fuck yourself.. she really brought a new level of things to the table.

My red dildo fills my hand as my fingers are wrapped around it, stroking it up and down with lots of lube as you requested, my ass trembling at the thought of where you want me to put it for you. I'm imagining how good it is going to feel for me as the tip parts my tight rosebud, will this bring you so much pleasure as that you will want to play with me again and ensure my holes get the workout they very much need and deserve?

As someone who really enjoys bringing someone else pleasure and pushing them towards orgasming, I begin returning more detailed answers back in reply to her words, and suddenly we founded a great online relationship of established online play from that very first encounter. She would really be the person who would start leading me and teaching me how to better compose my answers, as she would help lead me in the answers if I got off track of what she wanted. The idea was to always listen and not be afraid to repeat certain word phrases as in time they would gain power. Start requiring someone to always ask for permission to orgasm, and then stop asking.. and see if they follow the pattern to your satisfaction or do they need further reminders along the way? Looking back I see it for everything it was for me, a chance to learn how to start communicating in the bedroom and how to start communicating with my partner when I was currently gagged during the play session. As with most of my issues in life, everything came to a sudden halt when my hard drive on my computer crashed and I lost my passwords and account information before I ever got back up and running again.

It was such a great and intense experience getting to do online play with her that it would lead me to going out to look for online play partners, which then led me to the Loose Holes, Samantha. Such an accurate term for her, her cunt toys were a mere five inches across in width, and her anal toys last I spoke with her were three and a half inches in width anally, and she was working to expand both holes even further to the point she and her husband were seeing and talking to doctors about injections to help release the remaining tension of resistance to going even bigger yet! When we first met each other I was actually taken back by her, I wasn't sure what to think about anything she said, but she quickly remedied that issue. And anyone who thinks I am exaggerating on her sizes or my conversations with her, I can only assure you are accurate by the knowledge I learned and possess which has allowed me to make further progress on my own slop hole.

One of my biggest let downs in life has to honestly be playing with someone in person who doesn't measure up to the things they claim, I honestly never truly knew or understood this until my first online play partner I just described above, but I wouldn't yet make this connection in my life until Samantha. How many times have we all heard the excuses I don't want to type things out because.. and the excuses follow.. I know what I'm doing in person, but I just can't put it into words.. and lots of other pure loads of manure for answers. One of the ways I best heard it explained, if you truly understand something as well as you claim, you should have no problems explaining it to a child and get them to understand it. Which brought me to the point of setting myself up to truly have my eyes opened by Samantha. Like more people, I had already excepted the fact that nobody lives anywhere close to me, and if they did and knew what they were doing, would distance really matter? I was getting to the point of finally accepting I would never met another like my online play partner above, and I was getting annoyed by the one liners from people asking me to describe things to them in detail.. and would in return at the very beginning of the conversation say "okay, shove it in and fuck yourself to orgasm and tell me all about it". That was all the more they expected to say to you and they actually expected you to run the show for them, do video, photos and tell them all about it while they just sat back and did nothing but watch until they get off.

Suddenly one day, Samantha messages me for the first time and I will put this into context because I always look back on it and laugh.. I didn't see this day coming. My profile stated I am a "piggy" so she started it off asking if this was the piggy and how was I doing today? Unknown to her at this moment in time, I was actually just setting up for some personal play time, so I wasn't at all in the mood for the next person to spend the next 30-minutes asking me stupid stuff and then saying they live here and we should hook up after I pay for myself to get there to service them, or thinking they know something about me because I used the term piggy and other words like 'dildo' that interested them. I was quick to get right to the point and make it clear I was really not in the mood for the common stuff and the moment and perhaps it would be better for us to chat later on when I wasn't on a time table to hurry and play when I had some alone time without the sudden unexpected visit from my partner, who didn't share the extreme need of seeing me filled as much as I desperately needed to be filled up on some dildo to truly get the best orgasms. However my responses to Samantha weren't at all what I've just outlined for you, I just came off as annoyed and having little time.. which would set the scene for how quickly she would blow me away with her following comments.

Are you currently stuffed on something?

Ahh.. No! That's what I was working on doing when you just messaged me

Why aren't you currently stuffed and filled like a good pig?

(I quickly explained what I did above to you)

What toys do you have lined up ready for your slop hole, do you have lube and everything ready? Tell me about them, obviously we have some work to do

That is seriously how the conversations with her started not just the first time, every time. It didn't matter if I was filling her or she was filling me. That was one of the more interesting things between us, there was never a set day or time we would see each other again.. If I was online my chat program was running and suddenly you might get a message.. Is the little piggy here.. do you need to be stuffed? If I did a play session recently that was to hard and I caused a self injury which caused it so we couldn't randomly play when she found me online today, it was decided that we will make up for it next time. Expect further instructions to follow at a future date an time.. and be ready for the future agreed upon time for some seriously entertaining online play. I'll never forget when we went from online chatting to play to her sending me my first ever play email.

Get this dildo, and I want you to use it in this fashion and way taking this much of it every stroke for it to count.. until you match this girl in this video using that dildo, then you can move along to the next part. Don't forget to keep track of how you feel, how many times you have to play to this video before you can move to the next. Don't disappoint me, I want to better understand where your limits are, and every time I watch this video from now on I will think of how hard you were working on this dildo for my pleasure.

A few times she asked if my partner was there to watch and participate in what she had planned for me today, and to put some perspective to that. She would want me to do tip down strokes 1/4 of the way down.. okay seemed simple enough.. I would do the required amount say 10-30 total strokes.. she would ask questions about it.. then say I had to say the following phrase wait three seconds and then I would be permitted to do one stroke. I am a piggy.. I need to have my slop hole stuffed.. because it brings me the greatest enjoyment to only be allowed to anal orgasm.. and my partner was to ensure I complied with my commands. I thought how simple and that it was going to be so easy to do, truthfully I never expected to find it nearly as effective as I did.. but instead of counting strokes, she would also say things like keep going until you can look your partner in the eyes saying that and you can convince them you are serious about your words.. when she feels you meet the goal I've set for you, then you can start going down 1/2 way on your dildo for 10-strokes before you take it out and rest. The impact of doing things like this was far beyond what I expected.

My partner at the time was one of those people who couldn't put it into words, but could "show you in person" and then it ended up being a poor play session where I got very little to no enjoyment from our play, and as I quickly learned it was do to the fact of a lack of communication. She had one idea of what a piggy was and she was ridged to her thoughts on the subject, and I had another idea of it.. she like others online people wanted to just stuff the dildo all in first stroke and expect you to orgasm in five minutes and then make the next two hours about getting her off for giving you what you needed as far as she was concerned. This is where Samantha quickly helped me to understand, there is a point when the door opens for you to start learning about something and doing something with it and the point you have to show your true colors. If you can't communicate in words online, how can you be expected to communicate with someone in person? Samantha showed me this through my partner, as just like making me say things before I did another stroke.. Samantha required her to say something to me.. then slide her fist inside me.. hold.. and say something before withdrawing to repeat.. sometimes it was a set of phrases.. this is what you say for the first five strokes.. then switch to this phrase for the next 10 strokes.. and while it seems so simply it was extremely effective and I learned so much from our online play experiences.

The more Samantha and I played the more I was confronted by the truth and facts about myself, in the beginning I was interested in having these things done to me with dildos, but I wanted to jack off to cum and I wanted to be controlled by the dominant. Samantha quickly broke me of that, Take your dildo and I want you to get it really sloppy wet with lube.. I want you to put on a rubber glove and lube just your outer anal ring with lube.. you will rub circles around your outer anal ring for the next 5-minutes.. you will say nothing.. you will not moan.. you will just concentrate on feeling it.. if you pernitrate your asshole even the slightest bit against my instructions our session today will end and it will be longer before we play again if you can't follow my simple instructions. After five minutes passes.. I want you to keep rubbing your outer ring, this time the opposite direction of the first time and I want you to concentrate on "Who is the only one in control of what you need and how you are going to orgasm today during play?". I'm going to give you the opportunity now to express to me who is the only person in control of how you cum/orgasm during our session together and who do you think needs to completely submit and accept their role? Are you sure you want me to fill your slop hole up and make you anally orgasm like a good piggy all over the dildos? .. If I let you orgasm and cum filled up on that dildo today, would you be willing to do something after today's session and before we play again next time? Then came the goal of whatever she might like to see.. maybe it was to wear my butt-plug longer.. maybe it was to work on trying to take a dildo deeper.. or keep it in longer before I orgasmed.. or even after I orgasmed..

When our online relationship ended.. it was a sad day.. we went from talking daily or close to it.. to we went months between our conversations and then my computer died and I lost all contact along with my passwords and account information to keep it going. In an attempt to mimic what we had going on and having learned so much in our conversations spanning a couple of years, I started taking movies, adding words to them along with music and trying to develop something similar to what we shared and enjoyed online together. However at a certain point there comes a point and a time when the interactions online or in person are needed to truly make the experience everything that I am looking for, which in the end is to bring pleasure to another and yet have it within the boundaries of what is mutually enjoyable. I have truly enjoyed my conversations with a range of people like Samantha over the years, and I've put a lot of effort and work into understanding myself, what I want and where I am to go, and what I want to share with another..

I am an anal whore, my interest is anal.. but I have issues wanting to jack off to cum, so I bought a few plastic chastity cages, then when I went to learn more about them from long term wearers I learned I needed one in stainless steel, which I got next. However like my relationship with Samantha, there is a huge difference in playing to achieve my own personal orgasm and doing it to bring another pleasure, pushing yourself because you want to get them to the point of orgasm as well, so you hold your own orgasm back waiting to share the experience together. Actually I don't even just want to do online play with someone, more than anything I just want to communicate with someone who can express themselves and are willing to openly discuss anal play, anal play, anal training, enemas and other topics casually. I would like to chat with someone who can help me push myself with my own anal training goals, and I don't even care if they are a dominant, submissive or not even someone who understands the dynamics of a BD/SM led relationship. The last thing I want is someone who is unable or unwilling to think past letting them fuck me in person, because they just can't communicate or express themselves outside of just doing it. Because if you can't communicate in words now, how will you ever communicate with words when we are in the moment and all you can think of then is your own self pleasures?

As I started explaining in the beginning of this, I have been taking a deep inner look at myself and things which I find are important to me as I search for ways to further me towards my future goals. I accept that I love anal play, and of all the types of anal play I enjoy the most I pursue a lot of play involving dildos and I jump at the idea when the opportunity presents itself for me to be fisted by my wife. We aren't always able to play together because of circumstances in our lives, but I am serious about wanting to learn more and put more effort into being anally trained for her pleasure. Recently I have been putting in some real effort into sitting down and starting to draw up a plan of what I would do to anally train someone, and starting to work on figuring out goals and a frame work of where to start and how to work everything out between the check points. Which led me back here as I am searching for friends and people who know, understand and love anal play as much as I do as I work on my goal of strictly anal to orgasm.

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