OCfemboy in So Cal Anal Only Intro

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OCfemboy in So Cal Anal Only Intro

Post by OCfemboy » Wed Jun 29, 2022 6:57 pm

Hello, everyone!

I've been pretty nuch anal only for over 15 years, increasingly anal only as time went on and trying new areas of anal sexploration from a little over 20 years ago. I've got way too many toys of various shapes and sizes (somewhere around 50-60), butt tend to utilize 7-8 regularly, and have another dozen or so that are highly specialized (inflatables, cum-tubes, fantasy designs) from Mr Hankeys Toys (my favorites), Bad Dragon, and a host of others such as Pipedream, etc. I also own three sex machines, yeah the thrusting kind, ranging from smaller to one that can handle the big boy toys.

I play clean, have a cleansing routine that works for me to avoid any unnecessary surprises during "playtime."

In general, I've found there's nothing as pleasurable for me as anal sex, and the stimulation during every bit of it. Ranging from the opening sphincter, the rectum (with my favorite body part, the prostate!), sigmoid, descending and transerve colon. I tend to stop there, although I know some go as far as the ascending colon (or beyond!), able to handle girth of a little over 3 inches in diameter, and lengths of up to around 18-19 inches (butt not if it's 3 inches thick on the front end!). I've enjoyed fisting a number of times, and presently don't have the proper partner for this most intense form of pleasure I know.

It would be nice to find other like-minded people in my area, if that's possible, and not into games.
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Re: OCfemboy in So Cal Anal Only Intro

Post by Backdoorlover » Sun Jul 10, 2022 10:11 pm

Hey welcome here on this nice forum.

I want to ask you some upfront questions.

What makes you a femboy ? I mean there are sissy’s, transgenders, ladyboys. Is there a difference or are it names for the same way of being ?

Are you strickly into men when you’re a femboy ? I guess you can just aswell be bisexual.

Is it your goal to get surgory to be totally female or is that not what you want ?
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