Hello there

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Hello there

Post by AssDaddy » Mon Jul 11, 2022 2:02 am

Hello all, I found this forum while browsing Reddit stuff. My wife of 24 years and I have had an interesting anal journey to say the least. In the early years of our marriage she hated the thought of me doing the deed because of some trauma from a previous relationship but over the years has eased up a bit and for the last several years we have enjoyed anal sex together about once a week. It started off as a kind of a joke calling it “ASS” as in Anal Sex Saturday.
More recently we were having a conversation about sex and she admitted to me that she enjoys it now so after finding and reading some of the posts on this site I was able to convince her to go for an AO august!
I’m super excited about the whole thing and I bought some plugs for her to start training with which we used the first one last night, there’s 4 sizes by the way so hopefully with a little bean flicking and plug training we’ll have an awesome Anal Only August! Wish me luck!

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Re: Hello there

Post by hasani2222 » Mon Jul 11, 2022 4:18 pm

It started off as a kind of a joke calling it “ASS” as in Anal Sex Saturday.

That's funny, what a perfect acronym. I know clit denial exists, but over the course of the month try to do what you can to get her to orgasm while your cock is inside her. That way she can associate anal with peak pleasure. If she's even a little submissive and cares about getting you off, make sure you're vocal about how good it feels. Good luck to you, hopefully it sticks.

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Re: Hello there

Post by Backdoorlover » Mon Jul 11, 2022 8:57 pm

On december 22nd we started AO december. She hasn’t asked for pussy sex since. More so, when my cock accidently slid to her pussy she crawled away yelling “wrong hole !!!” 😄☝🏻
17 months of ass to mouth only. 🔥

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