A hello and a little bit of a brag

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A hello and a little bit of a brag

Post by Harderplease » Wed Jul 20, 2022 1:48 pm

Hi everyone! Long time lurker, but just had to make an account to share my accomplishment with some folks who will appreciate it. I had an anal orgasm today!!

I'm sadly not AO (yet), but would love to be. Anal has been a slow progression for me during the course of me and my husband's relationship. I didn't even want to try when we first got together, then one night he slid a little too close to the 'wrong hole' and apologized. I realized I was actually sort of interested, and told him I wouldn't have minded if he did end up in the back door. So we tried and I liked it enough to say yes the next time he asked. Then it just went from something I was ok with here and there to something I actually loved and craved.

His interest in it has grown much slower than mine, so now I play a lot with plugs and vibrators. I have a hard time coming with a partner, so most of the time I get off it's by myself. I always use an anal toy, but have never been able to come without clit stimulation.

Honestly, I didn't think anal orgasms were real. Anal feels soooooo good, and turns me on so much, but it's never even gotten close to getting me off until today.

I have a thick necked plug that I put in as a motivator when I need to get things done. The thickness of the plug is a huge turn on, but I don't let myself come until after I've finished whatever my task is. I work from home a lot, and use it often to meet deadlines and such. I usually sit on a rolled up towel or something that will put some pressure on the base of the plug to make it even better. I had it in today and was just kind of lazily rocking back and forth while I was working and I realized that I actually had that building-up-to-coming feeling. So I rocked a little harder and a little faster and... Wow. Anal orgasms are amazing :o

It was truly the best orgasm of my life. I could feel it through my whole body, and it's totally true that the arousal doesn't fade at all. I probably could have kept riding that plug for hours if I had the time today. Next time I get the opportunity, I'll keep going and see how many anal orgasms I can have in a row. :D

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Re: A hello and a little bit of a brag

Post by amaizeg » Wed Jul 20, 2022 3:51 pm

Hello and welcome.

How nice to know that you managed to find that wonderful experience for yourself. I hope you will soon be able to share it with your husband. Maybe let him know either through non-verbal clues or by telling him how you want to do it so you can reach an anal orgasm with him. I am sure he will enjoy that too. Seeing and feeling a woman come purely from anal is an amazing moment also from the partner's perspective.

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Re: A hello and a little bit of a brag

Post by Colt1911 » Wed Jul 20, 2022 8:09 pm

I agree with amaizeg. It’s hard for many of us here to imagine not wanting to fulfill a partner’s anal wishes but that is your situation. Ask your husband to participate in anal play or offer to let him watch you anally masturbate. We’ve been anal only for four years and I ask/demand she anally masturbate for me on my birthday. Encourage him to make you cum using the large diameter plug. We love anal play and it turns me on as much as it does her. She likes to be submissive and I like to control the pleasure. I don’t let her cum from anal play as I want to deliver her orgasm during penetration. From my perspective, it’s very empowering to me for her orgasm to come from my penetrating her. Maybe if he really realizes how much it turns you on, it will turn him on as well. All I can do is offer advice based on my experiences. We frequently talk to each other about how this changed our sex life in a most positive way after 37 years of marriage and dating. Like you, her anal orgasms are spectacular… and she squirts. My best to you on your anal journey.

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Re: A hello and a little bit of a brag

Post by Backdoorlover » Thu Jul 21, 2022 1:47 am

Nice story, @Harderplease

I think you simply need to tell your husband how much you do anal masturbation and how you love it. He might simply be slower so help him to get where you are.
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Re: A hello and a little bit of a brag

Post by Rimmer » Thu Jul 21, 2022 2:37 am

We had a similar story, in that my (now) wife didn't like the idea of anal at all. Then it was, 'maybe on your birthday,' but before we got married I told her that I would want anal more than just on my birthday, it was part of my sexuality - I didn't want us to tie the knot only for one or both of us to be frustrated and she agreed with this. She became more used to anal, more getting over the taboo than anything. She was so tight due to anxiousness and I was so excided, I was cumming before I even got past her first sphincter, it took us a while to actually get relaxed enough to have a proper anal session. Anyhoo, one day she just asked me if I wanted to go AO. We had a few years of that 95/99% AO. These days we just have sex however we feel, she is still happy to return to strict AO and we still mainly have anal sex, she will always gladly take me in her ass. The anus is just so well designed for pleasure and receiving cock, or a tongue hehe. We were away on holiday the other week and she only ever offered me her ass, though she does like vaginal sex. But she has got into vaginal fisting, this started a few month ago, so she took my fist a few times; so her pussy got pleasured. This is why we have started having a bit more vaginal sex as her pussy feels different now it is looser from all the fisting, it's kinda interesting. As for butt plugs, I have a 67mm diameter glass plug and an inflatable latex one. I love the feel of them both.

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