Male Anal Only

Are you currently challenging yourself to be anal only for a period of time? Post your goals and progress updates here.
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Male Anal Only

Post by xxsociopathxx » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:33 am

New member here, starting my anal only experience today. For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed anal pleasure while masterbating. But Everytime I ejaculate, I would always feel ashamed. Gladly, I no longer feel the shame, but I do not feel the sort of sexual excitement that one should get after ejaculation. My recent ex-wife and I explored pegging and I loved it. We even discovered that I can have a no ejaculate anal orgasm that is only best described as seizure like. Not real sure if that's a medical condition or if it is just a rarity. Anyways, if I'm not at work, I am plugged. Awake, in town, asleep, it doesn't matter. I would be on top of the world with happiness daily. I also have a sex machine that I use on myself as well. I have never ejaculated from anal only. Sometimes I would go a week or two without ejaculation, but once I decide to masturbate, my energy, focus, and raised happiness takes a few days to fully recover. So I'm making the decision to be anal only and hold on to my top of the world sensation that I've grown to love. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Male Anal Only

Post by plugged » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:04 pm

May I ask you how you achieve anal orgasms, what techniques do you use? I have been reading some guides/tutorials but never managed to get there no matter how patient and horny I am, it seems always before I can get over the edge my body gets somewhat tense and then poof, it's all gone all of a sudden... The closest i have gotten is stroking the prostate with a relatively small dildo and medium pressure towards the front. Any advice?

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Re: Male Anal Only

Post by clouds » Thu May 28, 2020 2:48 am

I'm exploring this myself at the moment. Thought to share my experiences. I guess everyone is different though, so I can't guarantee you will have the same experience. I'll try to explain as openly as possible, hope it's not too graphic.
I noticed there are 2-3 "spots" that I get a lot of feeling from. Btw I learned this over the past ~6 months and it took me a while to find the right toy, position etc. So be patient and try to not make ejaculation your goal, which can be very hard at first, especially for us men who have been used to orgasms that are coupled with ejaculation all our lives. (I enjoy being a man very much, but I'd love to be a woman for a day just to know how it feels for them :D )
First spot is the Anus itself, especially the inner ring of muscles, that feel very nice when slightly stretched or massaged (even though bigger toys and stretching can be a turn on too, i get the most feeling from smaller toys with just the right size). Then secondly, there is the prostate and walls just a few inches behind the opening. I have to tell you the prostate doesn't do a whole lot for me. Direct stimulation with fingers, even when my GF does it, doesn't bring any kind of special sensation for me. A dildo can feel nice there but it's hard to say if it's the prostate that is doing it or the just the nerves in the general area, anus/walls... Then lastly, there is the third spot and it's pretty much where the magic happens for me. I hit it perfectly with a ~5inch dildo so I'd say it's right at the end of the rectum, where the colon begins. Not sure what it actually is there but there seem to be a lot of nerve endings there in my body... (I've read something about flaps? Or could be the bladder?) It feels better if I'm completely relaxed so I start of with other things that feel nice (prostate area) and then take it deeper, while the other areas are still being stimulated ofc. It feels like waves of pleasure that build and build, that are so intense that i mostly forget about my penis and everything else at that point. That's what I describe as an anal orgasm for me because my heart starts racing like crazy and I forget everything around me - typical orgasm sensation. Btw best positions for me: riding the dildo or laying on my back. So far I don't ejaculate from that, at least not in the same way as with penile stimulation. There is an unusual amount of precum involved and there can also be semen (white) in there but nowhere near the same amount as a penis-orgasm-ejaculation. The upside is, that there can be multiple build-ups that are getting even more intense one after the other. It is very satisfying but it's not in the same way as a regular orgasm with penile stimulation. There I feel completely spent afterwards and all sexual thoughts and horniness are gone for a while. With an anal orgasm I keep that slight tingle while still being somewhat done. From what I've read in this forum and what my GF (we're mostly anal-only+sometimes clit) is telling me that's pretty much exactly the way anal-only orgasms feel for women when they don't touch their clit or vagina.
Of course I can also couple that with penile stimulation and then I get a crazy "final" orgasm with ejaculation. What I'm experimenting at the moment is how much or how little penile stimulation is needed for me to have ejaculation. I know it's possible to cum from anal only so we'll see. My GF and I didn't have the courage to go all the way with pegging so far, maybe that will add something as well?

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Re: Male Anal Only

Post by mark196t » Sun Jul 11, 2021 7:13 am

Hi i am mark from Boston i get about 3 fingers in myself, i use the bullett vibrator, push it all the way in, looking for help

Analjay (Analmostly)
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Re: Male Anal Only

Post by Analjay (Analmostly) » Tue Jul 27, 2021 1:17 am

May not make you cum but its a lot of fun...You need to get yourself a Latex inflatable butt plug - you'll have loads of fun. Get the one that is sort of diamond shape, like the head of an RPG. They inflate then force themselves out as you pump them right up - will have your knees trembling. Get one made by one of the latex fetish clothing manufacturers, I'm not into the clothing, but they know how to properly mould and seal them - not like the cheap stuff that leaks after a while. I like silicone, but found for inflatables manufacturers are at a loss as to how to make them robust enough.

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