Our challenges

Are you currently challenging yourself to be anal only for a period of time? Post your goals and progress updates here.
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Our challenges

Post by josesanalwhore » Wed May 24, 2023 2:35 am

My boyfriend and I have been together 13 years with 4 of them being about 99% anal only. I dont enjoy sex in my pussy and we just use it when Im absolutely too sore in my ass and use it to finish.
I have been the provider for most of our time together but things have switched and he now provides. Of course I take care of the home but I wanted to do more, since he works so hard. I came up with the idea to give him full control over my butt hole, his slut hole as we call it.
One of his rules is that I must remain plugged at all times. To sleep, eat, go out in.. must be in! The punishment for an empty butthole is to get fucked for a half hour with our 10" strappon, suck his dick to completion and than still have to put the plug back in. So my challenge is to remain plugged 24/7 (of course cleaning time does not count and has to be done)
Challenge 2 is to do 100% anal only. We both think a pussy looks best nice and tight and neglected. Years ago there was a myth that it took 7 years to revirginize a pussy. We know its a myth but we decided on trying the 7 years and than it will be something special we can focus on leaving my pussy alone for a long time.
Challenge 3 To find another anal whore to play with. I am bi and have played with much pussy in the past but never played with a womans asshole even though I let them stuff mine. Id love to shove my fist in a tight ass (thats not my own).
I am a woman that just loves her butt stuffed. I love everything about it! I have been shoving stuff in my ass ever since I can remember and Im so thankful I have a man that understands and wants the same thing. Just to note for any ladies that wants to be buttfucked regularly... give him the contol. He used to fuck me once or twice a week and now my hole barely gets break... its very used and abused like a good slut hole should be!

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Re: Our challenges

Post by Backdoorlover » Wed May 24, 2023 8:22 am

Now this is a fun read. Thank you 😁

My sweetheart is naturally submissive and gave me control since day one. I never had a woman in my life who gave up control and it’s two sided for me.

One side of me feels powerfull and very masculin

The other side feels like I am a jerk who uses his woman for his own pleasure

Why ? Because she loves making me cum more than anything else. So for every 10 orgasms I have, she has 1 or 2. She loves the assfuck itself. She enjoys it very clearly because she pants and moans the whole fuck. Still I sometimes feel like a jerk for not putting her first, like has been demanded by my ex wife 🤷🏻‍♂️

So weirdly that took the most adjustment. Using her ass for my pleasure and understand she gets satisfaction out of my orgasm and my cum in her ass. Only recently I got to be okay with it. And it’s very liberating to be able to just lube her up and fuck her whenever I feel the urge, instead of doing the whole foreplay and grooming thing.
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“Ass to mouth is the only right way to have sex”🔥

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Re: Our challenges

Post by Rimmer » Fri May 26, 2023 12:46 am

Historically my wife mainly came from clitoral stimulation, sometimes from vaginal or anal penetration - but like you @Backdoorlover she moans and groans like a goodun from anal though it took us a long time in our relationship to get to have anal and some time to get to AO (for a few years), which turned out to be her idea!. We do foreplay, but I don't have to, she likes her ass to be used by me and take my cum in her bowels. Though she loves to make me cum, she loves to see me cum - on my body or hers; I prefer my cum to be inside her so I only occasionally allow myself to cum in the open air so to say, just for her pleasure. As said, we love foreplay, but it is also great to just ease it in and start fucking without even a word. I'll pull the covers back or she will often have her ass exposed as she sleeps/dozes to tempt me. I said she used to cum a lot from clitoral stimulation, but since we realized her pussy wasn't getting any action, we started fisting training and vaginal stretching, She has really taken to that and has huge orgasms from having her pussy fisted. @josesanalwhore you mentioned rules, one of ours now is that although we were AO we now have the Rule of 24, that is, if she has been stretched and fisted within 24hrs the option for piv sex is available, we found that her loose pussy, as it has now become, is great for piv sex, so we have that little window for optional vaginal. But she seems sometimes to get as much or more pleasure from feeling she has been 'used' than from having an orgasm. I sometimes think, 'have I played that right,' But then she comes and tells me what a great time she has had.

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Re: Our challenges

Post by Brucill » Tue Jul 09, 2024 2:40 am

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