Anal Only New Year 2019

Are you currently challenging yourself to be anal only for a period of time? Post your goals and progress updates here.
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Re: Anal Only New Year 2019

Post by hasani2222 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:41 pm

I was curious just how much anal sex we've had over the past 28 years. In my best estimate, we've had anal sex approximately 6478 times for an estimated total of 1620 hours. That equates to 67.5 days spent having anal sex. In that time I estimate I've ejaculated more that 25 gallons of cum in her ass.

So, if anyone wonders if you can have too much anal sex? The answer is no.

It’s great that you’re keeping track of this stuff, I’m a data guy myself. Damn! 67.5 days of anal! That’s fucking hot to imagine all that anal, I’m sure that’s pornstar level numbers. It’s a good thing you’re posting these stats so other couples can also see it can be done.

I just wonder, after deciding to do daily anal this year, has your wife had to adjust her diet? Her mindset? It is something that she craves or gets more horny for? Heard that cum inside ass actually makes women happy, does that apply to your wife? How about you?
With clit stimulation her orgasms come on fast and are done. She feels less satisfied. Clitoral orgasms, even with anal stimulation seem very localized, where her anal only orgasms seem to encompass her whole body.

Although, I will admit, I miss having more ass to mouth a little, her 5-10 minute orgasms more than make up for it. Besides, she is still performing ass to mouth pretty much every time we have sex. Just not 4 or 5 times. I can live with the trade off

I don’t have a clit, but I have been experimenting with a dildo myself and I’ve cum just from anal a few times with no penile stimulation so I understand how it can be a whole body/unique kind of orgasm. 5-10 minutes of orgasm! That’s great. Never that long for us guys. If it works for both of you, that’s wonderful. I’d probably pull out and ask for a suck more often though! Gotta get the ass-to-mouth numbers up! Lol

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