Been anal only for a month

Are you currently challenging yourself to be anal only for a period of time? Post your goals and progress updates here.
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Been anal only for a month

Post by Aspiringbuttslut » Sat Sep 03, 2022 6:51 pm

Hiya everyone, super shy to post this but since finding this site Ive been totally addicted to the idea. Have managed 1 month, Im sooo much hornier throughout and it feels so much dirtier ignoring my pussy to enjoy anal. Gonna try and see how long I can go!
Having trouble cumming unless I put sooo much time into it. So worth it when it happens but sometimes I get so close then dont cum. Its such a fucking tease. Any tips for adjusting to anal only?
Also currently doing anal only solo without a partner, how do I best talk to a new partner about this?

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Re: Been anal only for a month

Post by Greekway » Sun Sep 04, 2022 6:52 am

Hey there!
Welcome to the forum I think you’ll find this is a very supportive place. It’s great to hear how your slowly moving towards the anal only lifestyle, it sounds like you’re doing a great job. Have you tried using plugs or a dildo?

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Re: Been anal only for a month

Post by Rimmer » Mon Sep 05, 2022 2:45 am

Hi, maybe if you get into the idea that the journey is just as good as the climax, what they call edging. This helped my wife when we started vaginal fisting. Sometimes she would have a huge orgasm and other times she would take a long time and give up. I told her that I liked doing it for her so she didn't need to worry that I was getting bored. And that she should just enjoy it, it wasn't a race to cum. Once she go the idea that it was ok to just enjoy the journey, she relaxed a lot and now she loves it.
Yes it is horney ignoring the pussy for anal, I love to see her pussy empty as I fuck her ass. We do have some vaginal sex now, but before it was horny knowing that we were having another cum load in her ass, an unbroken run of anal with no vaginal.
Probably be straight with a partner. decide what you will do, just no cock in your pussy or no pussy play at all. Decide what you want so you can explain the boundaries. Decide if you want that to be permanent or just for a season. Some people just don't like pussies, their own or a partners, or they don't like the sensation. Others like AO as a kink. We have an AO agreement, sex IS anal. Vaginal is an optional extra for ATP or for me to use her moist pussy to lube my dick before anal. But I do have the veto to have vaginal sex now and then if I like. This agreement is always in place, even if we have a season where we have more vaginal sex than usual. It just means that is what we are doing over that time, the AO agreement is still in place. We went through a phase of punishing the pussy, spanking it, her ass got cock and her pussy got a riding crop! So you maybe think about would a partner not touch you pussy at all, finger and lick it but no cock, maybe cover it and not even look at it - some on here are into that or even give it a good spanking! As my cock was not using her pussy we decided to get into vaginal fisting, as I mentioned, but we tried vaginal sex just to see what her fisted pussy felt like and we both liked the feel, so we do have a little more vaginal sex now. everyone on here has a slightly different take on AO. It was actually my wife who asked me if I wanted to go AO - even tough we do both enjoy vaginal sex - Part of me felt I should say, oh no it's fine. But I knew I would miss n adventure, so I 'came out' and said yes. That felt great and freeing. What actually happened was that we switched it around so Anal was the norm and vaginal and occasional optional extra.

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