Time to get pregnant!

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Re: Time to get pregnant!

Post by analgirl98 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:17 am

This forum is dominated by guys. 100%.

A place to discuss a lifestyle revolving around only using a single part of the female anatomy is ever likely to be though. I don't have access to metrics on it, but I'd be willing to bet men who want an AO lifestyle outnumber girls by at least a thousand to one, if not more.

Of those women that do want an AO lifestyle I'm again willing yo bet the vast majority include clitoral stimulation as a part of it because A: its not actually part of the vagina and B: it's incredibly pleasurable and can aid and accentuate anal activities.

That means that the number of women that actually want ZERO vaginal or clitoral contact as a part of their sexuality is INCREDIBLY small.

So yes, guys may see that any talk/play involving the vagina et al is a bit of a "cheat" on the AO lifestyle as they see it, which then dictates the flow of conversation.

We all like different things, personally, ever since I first had sex, which was anal by choice, I've known that that is what I want, what I desire, what I need and that ANY activity involving my vagina etc is actually off putting. And I do mean that, I can't explain to you why, I'm not sure I fully understand it either, but I tried playing with myself when I was young and it felt wrong, almost disgusting, but when I tried playing further round to see if it was the case there I was pleasantly surprised that I found it so exciting.

When the time comes for me to have children, and I do want children, it will have to be done via alternative means as I really, really don't want anything in my vagina. IVF is probably the way I'll go, it's something I've discussed with my doctor and she feels that as I am psychologically unable to perform the act, it would be possible to refer me to an IVF clinic, so there are options.

Ideas such as using a cut up anal fleshlight, hollow plug, speculum or emptying a used condom into her etc, I think maybe you should forget. If the lady in your life actually doesn't want to try to get pregnant naturally then you can bet she'll hate doing it those ways, they sound Monstrous.

Letting a creampie trickle in? Her cervix is about 6-8" inside, that'll never work, otherwise I'd be pregnant all the time! Me and my bf have a lot of sex and I usually just pull my knickers up and carry on with my day, so I have cum around my pussy a lot and I'm still yet to fall pregnant haha!

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Re: Time to get pregnant!

Post by minorkeyes » Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:59 pm

a quick ass to pussy, only to cum;
cum over her pussy wide open with a speculum;

From personal experience, these are the two best methods. I have been pregnant many times now and found just having my husband finish in my vagina to be most effective.

The speculum works really well too. But is a little less spontaneous, if that matters at all to you and your wife.

The other methods are pretty poor ways to impregnate a woman. It's actually not that easy to get pregnant at times. Kinda working against your best chances to get it over with by trying to let your semen drip from her asshole into her vaginal cavity. That's kinda stupid, tbh.

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