I can be very anal

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I can be very anal

Post by Wrist holder » Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:55 pm

I’m new to the group but certainly no newcumer to anal. Quite a few years ago I was in an anal only relationship before I actually realised AO was a thing. I met a woman 10 years older than myself when out drinking. We went back to her place but she told me we couldn’t have sex due to her cycle. Me being a guy who doesn’t let things get in the way of a good time as well as being an avid promoter of anal sex decided to live by the age old tactic of when the river flows red take the dirt track. She was reluctant at first claiming even though she had participated in anal sex before she hadn’t had mine up her and wasn’t totally convinced it would fit. After a bit of persuasion i was enjoying our first fuck. It was clear she was enjoying the experience from the fact we were soon kneeling in a puddle of fluid on her leather sofa. I think I may have entered her vagina on a future meeting , however my penises relationship with her vagina was short lived as I preferred pounding her skinny little arse and she was happy to inform me she also preferred it. Her vagina did get attention at a later date however not from myself but from the 3 guys I took round to help me make her airtight, myself filling her arsehole obviously. I have had anal sex with all regular girlfriends I’ve had over the years and always tried my luck with one night stands with some success. My regular girlfriends have always enjoyed anal sex with all of them achieving harder orgasms from anal than from vaginal sex. I find all girls seem to find the intense feeling of anal hard to handle so rub their clit to try ease the sensation and help them reach orgasm to a level they can handle. On many occasions I have held their hands denying them the ability to rub their clit which always results in an orgasm harder than any they have ever achieved, resulting in them collapsing on the bed totally exhausted. Im currently trying to convince my current girlfriend to become AO but so far only managed a couple of weeks before she’s begged me to fuck her pussy. I hope one day she will be AO or that I will meet a girl that is either already AO or happy to convert.

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Re: I can be very anal

Post by yosemitespam » Thu Oct 29, 2020 8:33 pm

Ooh. ah. Don't quit your day job to write novels.


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