My new theory on men and anal sex.

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Re: My new theory on men and anal sex.

Post by NubianAnalGod » Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:29 am

I can't quite agree 100% with everything in this theory. It's pretty easy and basic to say men want to have children to pass on their genes and women want to keep from getting pregnant until the right time. But that's sort of looking at it from the perspective of seeing humans as animals. First of all, humans are not animals. Animals are easy to categorize, their needs easy to determine--they're such basic and simple creatures that they don't need what humans need. It's easy to say a bear needs food, sex, and shelter to live. When bears fuck, they fuck to procreate and that's it. BUT, what determines if a male bear can fuck a female one? The female, because her eggs are limited, while the semen of the male is not. Males are in infinite supply, like their seed, but the female is unique and has a limited window to procreate, so she chooses wisely. Animals, from sea creatures, to birds, to big cats and wolves, all the way down to bugs, follow this rule of nature.

Humans on a basic level, to keep their own society and environment flourishing, need these three things, but humans are so much more complicated than animals. WE build roads, WE fly planes, WE drive cars, WE learn the intricacies of the human body AND the animal body, the nuances between subatomic particles, WE manufacture devices that allow us to communicate thousands of miles across the world. Humans are advanced and with advancements comes complexity. In terms of sex, the reason men may want vaginal despite loving anal isn't simply that he wants to procreate. I can tell you that I certainly do NOT want kids at this moment, but when I have sex, I'd like to know that if I choose to nut inside a woman, that there is a 100% chance she won't get pregnant (i.e. I fuck for FUN, not to have offspring). I've heard reasons for why men may not even want anal sex; it's gay, it's dirty, she has a pussy--why fuck her ass? As for men who still want pussy after claiming to be all about ass, I don't know. I usually hear things like, "There's nothing like a pussy".

I can only speak for men on this, but we aren't as easy to explain in this regard. A bunch of men here are anal only for a reason, and having children wasn't one of them. I wasn't always AO, but when I was interested in sex, having kids was not on my to-do list. What's funny is that some women think a man wanting to fuck her in the ass is gay too. For me, it's that you have a hole sitting between two halves of a body part that I LOVE so much. Why not give it a try? You wanna talk about how tight your pussy is? Your ass is tighter, I guarantee it. So what if you need prep? Nothing is worth having if you don't work for it.

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Re: My new theory on men and anal sex.

Post by Analwhore123 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:59 pm

I don't care what any body say anal sex with another man is the best! Of course I have a love for dick!

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