Anal lover from Poland

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Anal lover from Poland

Post by Katisark » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:26 am

I am in Poland. I'm a man. I am 31 years old. I love anal sex and I could be AO forever. Sex in the pussy does not excite me at all today. I met three virgins a few years ago. But for the first time I fucked her pussy. Then later anal. They liked anal for a long time - about the middle of the year, but then they more often wanted to be in their pussy. Maybe if I started fucked her ass first, she will be AO and vaginal virgin long time.

Now I'm in a relationship. She was pregnant lately. We were AO from the beginning of July 2018. This is already 8 months. Now she gave birth and says that she misses her pussy and she will want her pussy fucked.
In the past we had periods of several weeks AO
My girlfriend likes anal. I tell her that it's made for anal. When she fucked her ass she never touches her cunt. She has blonde hair and big tits.
She knows that I love anal, she knows that we will often do anal, she agrees. But she does not want to give up her pussy. I hope someday she will only prefer anal.

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