First post, from cali.

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First post, from cali.

Post by Parasite87 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:49 pm

Hi everyone, first off im a male, in my early thirties. I recent had an intense anal affair. I was engaged early this year... but my girl has never been into anal. Shes try here or there, but basically never enjoyed it. We've been together for 5 years now... and at the beginning of summer.... my ex and i reconnected... and an affair began.... it didnt take long to discover we were both desperate for a sexual awakening, and i started going over to her place. Have a few beers, then get some oral in, then some classic v, and finish up with the anal. It was amazing to finally start pounding some ass. It progressed some more with belts... spanking and choking. But best of all, actual, authentic, dirty talk... she became my anal slut, whore, dirty fuck toy... whatever. Lol. We would have so much sex, multiple orgasms, i would shoot 3 loads a session! She was fucking amazing.... and it was supposed to be about the sex.... but it never stays that way does it? She got pregnant after an accident happened... i was drinking ad usual... played around with some butt plugs in her... fucked her holes.... and then lost track of what hole i was in! I shot my whole load in her pussy.... she decided to keep the pregnancy.. and i told my fiance everything.... it was wrong to cheat... but im only human.... anyways, we broke off the engagement, but she wants to try and make things work, with therapy or counseling or whatever... i love and care for her, but part if me wishes i could be single... and just sleep around... i feel like im drowning... i know this is supposed to be about anal only... but i needed to rant on that and get it off my chest. I feel like the community here is good, and tight knit. Ive actually been registered here for several years, and read some good intros. I hope you guys liked my first post.

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Re: First post, from cali.

Post by Canassman » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:56 am

Dude, if u feel that desire to be single, and it appears that that’s what u really wanted as you did have an affair, u need to break it off with your former fiancée. Stringing her along with the hope of counselling would be unfair. Listen to some Dan Savage on the Savagelovecast, and do not continue to scramble your DNA with women until you know what you really want, or else you will continue to be unhappy and will hurt these women.

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