Colon Jelly

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Colon Jelly

Post by JonJames » Wed May 06, 2020 9:23 am

I have really enjoyed the "rectal valve," "second sphincter" and "colon flap" discussions -- was well as the anal jelly/ass juice/ass cum etc. posts.

So I thought I'd provide some illustration for a lot of the great points I have seen here. Now of course, I understand that porn is not real life. But I also understand that you can learn a lot from watching certain performers in certain videos.

Take this one: ... ovies.html

The whole clip has way more than I can possibly mention. But for the sake of the Forum, I'd mention Mike uses a camera inside Chastity's anal canal. At 10:38, and other times, you can clearly see the naturally occurring "yellow jelly" clinging to her folds. This is before Mike uses a ton of lube -- which he is known to do. Plus, there are different fluids in there. You can see clear stuff, but you can also see the "jelly" forming deep inside. Whether we realize it or not, many women are producing this during anal sex -- and if you do go ATM -- the sweet taste is there. With regard to the "Colon Entry" you can see it happen at 42:15. Mike is monstrous anyway, but it does not go ALL in -- until this point. You can clearly see and hear Chastity take those last 2 inches and blurt out "I love when you push past that spot." So she is fully aware of the rectal valve fucking -- even if she may not call it that.

The other recommendation is this one: ... ovies.html

Here again, Chasity and Mike not only have great sex, they illustrate many of the points we are making. At 54:30, we see the effect of deep anal clearly on the vagina. The whole vag is moving and producing thick cum --- but it's anal only penetration. At 54:40, we see Chastity on her back -- a position many have said enables some of the deepest anal -- you can see those last 2 inches push past her "spot." She knows it. Mike knows it. It is a real-time illustration of colon penetration. The result? With some real pushing, and orgasming from Chastity, we see her ass produce gob after gob of the "Yellow Jelly" or "Colon Jelly" from 56:20 on. You can see that it is different because clear fluid does come out too. But it is obviously different than the deeper expulsion of the cream. Plus, the jelly clings to her butt cheek during some ass fucking. Balled up lube does not usually do that -- too slippery. Best of all, you can see that an anal fuck affects the entire lower body -- the whole body to be sure -- but you can see how a dick in the ass turns her entire lower body into a sexual organ. It's all moving, her tummy, her vag, her asshole lips. God only knows what's going on up inside.

Anyway, I just thought these were two very good illustrations of some of the topics discussed here. Enjoy!

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