What does anal feel like for the giver?

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What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by Hulu7632 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:25 pm

I read somewhere that it felt like a water bottle in that there is alot of initial tightness at the base of the penis, but not at the head. If this is true, do you not feel sensation at the tip? If there is no stimulation at the tip of the penis that would make you last longer right?

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by Zombawa » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:27 pm


So far, I have experienced two differents senstations:
- with some girls, then main stimulation on the tip of your dick is when you enter her anus. The anal canal offers lots of friction and stimulation.
Once inside her, it's like to be in a very large empty room!! Only the shaft of your dick is getting direct stimulation.
You have to almost exit her to every stroke to get your dick head stimulated. Not all girls will like the feeling of you entering/exiting at each stroke.
Penetration will not be very deep though, unless you want to make it so. Difficult to go full speed when you need to control the exit move in order to stay within her just before total exit.
- with some other girls, once you have passed the anal canal, the tip of your dick will enter in contact with the rectum walls, like in a vagina. There the sensations are a total bliss, you can go ball deep and feel your partner all the way in and out. You can go full speed as well and keep the feeling.
The friction is also stronger than in a vagina, even if you put lots of lube. No lubricant can match the vagina moisture and softness.
I guess the second 'type" of anus is what makes guy crazy about anal. :P

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Re: What does anal feel like for the giver?

Post by adventurista » Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:49 pm

Hmm...good question. It is definitely true that the entry past the sphincter is amazing...so tight! But inside I find it is very warm...warmer than a vagina. Depending on your position and angle, you can find open space inside, but if you want more contact, just change positions. Because I am 7 inches, I have also found that once relaxed, an ass can take all of me much easier since the average vagina is only about 5 inches deep and many women find pounding against their cervix uncomfortable. All in all, from a givers perspective, anal is my absolute preference.

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